DVD player sales sinking, no one surprised

Engadget writes:

"Earlier this year, we saw reports that hinted at "flat" DVD sales for the remainder of 2007, so it follows logic to hear that standalone DVD players are seeing a similar fate."

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freakyzeeky4932d ago

Because they're all buying Blu-ray... :P

Lionsguard4932d ago

Anyone who says Hi-Def will never defeat DVDs are just joking with themselves. A higher format will always evantually win over the old format, it's been happening for decades. DVD will soon go the way of the cassette tape.

fredy4932d ago

with VHS and DVD you never needed to buy a brand new TV to take advantage of the format.

So I suspect a slower saturation with HD material then how VHS and DVD did it.

DVD is going nowhere sense HDTVs have to sell first..

Kholinar4932d ago

eh... everyone has them. With the exception of a few vhs holdouts that will never switch.

If hd had picked up the 15 percent that dvd's lost this year, that'd be real news. Still quite a way to go though...

chester4932d ago

exactly. everybody already has at least 1 dvd player. hell i've got 5 if you count the 360, ps3, xbox and ps2. my freaking 85 year old grandmother has a dvd player. how many people can honestly say they know someone, anyone who doesn't have a dvd player?

Whoooop4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

People are going to be surprised on how fast the mass market will switch to HDTV's and formats...

With almost all tv networks pushing digital transmission, with all the marketing HD is receiving and with more & more people aware of it and quickly understanding the advantage & improvement over DVD, it's clear IMO that HD will take over sooner than most people think

TruthbeTold4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

Apparently not if you really think that HD is about to catch on with mainstream sales. Things are good for the top 10-15% or so, but on the decline for everyone else. HD is something that many who know about it would like to get into, but it is far from a priority right now. The Upper middle class and the rich are the only ones who can afford the HD package right now, and many of them have already bought in.

Meanwhile the industry continues to slightly tweak prices in order to find the amount they can get the average Joe to overpay for and go into debt. They haven't gone low enough yet. With the exception of the HD-DVD blowout sales a week ago or so, not nearly low enough, and even still, the Televisions are a whole other story. Classic DVD has definitely got a few strong years left. Not only do most people into collecting movies have large classic DVD collections, they don't see any pressing need to replace them. HD is a luxury, and more of an acquired taste luxury than anything else. Most Americans, when the opportunity to splurge presents itself, are choosing to do other things with their money. The market is proving this again and again.

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The story is too old to be commented.