3DS sales remain undeniably strong second week after price cut

"A week later, and we're pleased to report 3DS has shown no signs of slowing down in the UK. Catch the good news - and all the analysis here."

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Trunkz Jr2617d ago

Good, more fresh meat for my SSF4 team.

disgaeapuchi2617d ago

I'd forgotten about StreetPass! Yes, can't wait to let my Ayane ghost on Dead or Alive Dimensions run into other 3DSes...and probably get pwned (I'm rubbish at fighters)

tiffac0082617d ago

Good for the dedicated gaming handheld market. Maybe now we can see less of those doom and gloom articles.

disgaeapuchi2617d ago

Indeed. The article even stated that Rabbids 3D sold well last week, so it's good that non-gamers are picking up 3DS as well (unless any of us would consider it? It's meant to be an awful game)

Venox20082617d ago

it's not such a bad game.. I picked it up, because I like rabbids, but like a characters (I don't like their party games).. it's not a bad platformer...

btw: Rabbids go home Wii FTW

NESpower2617d ago

it's only going up from here...actually sold out at retailers this week (best buy). Nintendo has to be happy.

Venox20082617d ago

fair price, fair sales..

AWBrawler2617d ago

When casual games start to sell well, you know you're doing good.