CVG Give Crysis 9.2

What makes a truly great action movie? It's a desperate John McClane jamming some C4 beneath a monitor and experimentally kicking it down a lift shaft on a swivel chair. It's Indy telling Sallah "I don't know, I'm making this up as I go" before instinctively tearing after a Nazi truck.

It's all about a hero living on his wits, making life or death decisions on the fly and the world hinging on his actions. Crysis encapsulates this, it thrives on putting the onus on you to create your own brand of action and adventure in its stunningly beautiful locations. You and the game can haphazardly create moments of such gaming brilliance that often you pretty much have to stand up and applaud.

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predator4925d ago

most reviews are really good so i still will be geting this beast

MK_Red4925d ago

All reviews are good. Only 1UP screwed up and judging by their insane score to Assassins, I'm pretty sure the problem is with 1UP's mental health not Crysis or AC's quality.

predator4925d ago

theres going to be a massive upraor if they give uncharted and mass effect scores like assasins creed, sheilds up helmets on for that

MK_Red4925d ago

Good one.
Still, I think they'll go back to normal and become sane again by then and Crysis & Assassin's Creed become their only victims.

mesh14925d ago

best looking fps this year crysis.

Sam Fisher4925d ago

it looks good in general but graphically seeing these pics the graphics r ehh decent