GameDaily reviews Crysis

GameDaily writes:

"U.S. Special Forces, equipped with high-tech nanosuits, are sent to a remote island in the Philippines to investigate some strange energy readings linked to an archeological excavation site. They must be careful, because the North Koreans arrive on the scene first, and will kill to protect their discovery. However, it turns out there's more at stake than being the first country to uncover an infinite energy source, and it's not long before the excavation reveals an alien menace that unleashes a full scale invasion. Calling it a Crysis is a major understatement."

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MK_Red4930d ago

Nice score and review. So far all reviews are 9 to 10 (Even GameSpot gave it 9.5). Someone should really take 1UP to a doctor (8/10 for Crysis, 7/10 for AC!?).

BloodySinner4929d ago

"Someone should really take 1UP to a doctor (8/10 for Crysis, 7/10 for AC!?)." - LOL!

MK_Red4929d ago

Just checked MetaCritic. Crysis was at 96 and AC was at 93 before 1UP. Now what? Crysis is 93 and AC is 89!!! Seriously and the only low scores both have are from 1UP, neither has below 9 aside from crazy 1UP!

BloodySinner4929d ago

Well, I somewhat agree with 1UP's score for Crysis, MK_Red. Let's be honest here, besides the awesome visuals and all, the game doesn't really bring anything new to the FPS genre.

As for the Assassin's Creed review... I believe they need their heads checked.

MK_Red4929d ago

I have to say that my main problem is AC not Crysis because I also think that it does not deserve 9.5 (GameSpot) and 10s. But after readin many reviews for Crysis, I think they game's open world nature may have more surprises than we thought. My prediction for Crysis scores was from 7.5 to 9. Crysis has AI problems as well as chance of becoming more than repetitive.

But AC as you said is pure madness. "I believe they need their heads checked." Bubbles for you my friend :)

I didn't have a long hands-on with AC but even a short one is beyond sweet.

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