360 Dashboard update detailed - download Halo

The Fall Xbox 360 dashboard update has been revealed from Microsoft and it's looking very good indeed with gaming classics and films on demand.

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Valin4933d ago

Yes Crimson Skies was one of my Favorite game for the Xbox It was my second Favorite Flight game ever Warhawk It better but only because of Technology Seriously If you like Warhawk on the PS3 and have a 360 download Crimson skies!

Feihc Retsam4933d ago

Crimson Skies was a great game.
I wonder if they have worked on adding any additional functionality to these old XBOX games?
They managed to work online co-op and multiplayer into some of the arcade classics. It'd be nice if we could get some online co-op or multiplayer for the original Halo over Xbox Live....

Probably just wishful thinking

BestGamerAlive4933d ago

crimson skies sucks buy a PS3 and play beyond instead of adding on beyond

Silver Bull3t4933d ago

Don't 'bag on a game just because it was released before you were born. Crimson Skies was a great game. Played thru once and have been thinking of picking it up again...

We need a sequal to this (as well as Beyond Good and Evil)

unlimited4933d ago

awesome now microsoft can over charge xbots by letting them buy there over price hard drive..lmao..

myxomatosis4933d ago

As a PS3 owner, I would like to appologize for BestGamerAlive's comment. what a tool. Crimson Skies was a great game. Halo one would be a great one to replay too, but dont most people who have an xbox 360 have the first halo from their original xbox library? i mean i DONT have a 360 and i have the first Halo....

smirx4932d ago

So, I bought my PS3 on November 2nd when the 40gb came out. I arrived @ Wal Mart to purchase it @ 6AM cuz for some reason I thought they would sell out fast. Needless to say, they didn't... I know everyone will say just to go with the system you like (and I do like PS3) but Xbox seems to be crushing PS3. I just DO NOT WANT ANOTHER DREAMCAST on my hands. Nothing sucks more than spending all that money on a system/ games, only to see it discontinued.

So here are my pro's and con's for each system:
PS3 Pro's:
* Cheaply replaceable Hard Drives (My friend gets 180GB's free @ work)
* Blue-Ray
* Ability to run Linux (If my computer ever crashes....I guess)
* Bluetooth compatible with my keyboard/ mouse.
* Free Wi-Fi
* Multi-Platform Games
* Reliability
PS3 Con's:
* Free, yet horrible Online Service. (Yeah, I know.. IT'S FREE, so was Net Zero!)
* Not interested in any PS3 exclusives
* Seems like every Multi-Plat game scores lower for frame-rate probs.
* Danger of Discontinuation (Let's face it guys, it really is)
* Awkward feeling Controllers (Feels like it's gonna pop outta my hands

XBOX 360 Pro's:
* Large Game Library
* Exclusives that I actually like (Bioshock, Halo3, Gears...)
* Great Online play
* Now offering HDMI Output (Important to me)
* No Danger of Discontinuation (till the next XBOX)
* (Supposedly) Superior GPU
* Awesome Feeling Controllers
XBOX Con's:
* I've always hated Microsoft (sounds stupid, but it's true)
* Ring of Death (Of the 3 XBOX's I've played, all have malfunctioned)
* No Wi-Fi!
* Outrageously priced Hard Drives
* 2.4GHZ Contollers interfere with my other equipment
* Bill Gates charges you for Online play! Huh?
* Gay design
Help! What do you think? I gotta make up my mind by December 2nd, before the 30 day return period... Decisions, decisions....

4932d ago
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X_GAMER_X4933d ago

Keep up the good work

power of Green 4933d ago

Cool updates indeed but I wan't to hear about the other features.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4933d ago

Look at the pathetic Droids that hit disagree with you. They are the best at running down the list and hitting disagree with everyone that don't own PS3s. LOL there wasn't even anything to disagree with, huh?

Evil0Angel4933d ago

all i want in this update is to get the video marcktplace in uk

X_GAMER_X4933d ago

I want the marketplace also in uk

predator4933d ago

well it says that video marketplace is close for the uk might not make it for the 4th dec, cool that u can download xbox 1 games, i can finaly play fable, ready for fable 2, but still there isnt really all that info that we want.