Fallout 3: PlayTM Preview

PlayTM writes:

"The first place you reach is the town of Megaton, and Bethesda tell us it is here that your first karma-impacting decisions will be made. Help the town and play nicely, and you'll make friends among the game's good guys. Behave badly, and (eventually) bring about the town's destruction, and you're likely to make enemies among the good guys while falling in with another crowd entirely."

"But before you can indulge in the exploration of the world and in battling or conversing with its innumerable and varied inhabitants, you're going to need to prepare your character and get out of Vault 101. This will happen when, after the initial premise-setting action has passed, your father mysteriously disappears from the vault - and you must follow in his footsteps to discover why he left you"

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Skerj4926d ago

Another gem to add to the stellar list of games next year. 2008 might very well be the best overall year for games.

MK_Red4926d ago

Agreed but for me, Fallout 3 alone is enough to make 2008 the best year of gaming ever.