Bodycount, explosions and guns

MMGN writes: You need to sit up and take notice of upcoming FPS, Bodycount.

Bodycount because it is said to be a spiritual successor to 'Black', that extremely solid and explosive shooter on PlayStation 2 and Xbox that nobody played. Bodycount's made by members of the same development team and videos showcase a game decisively reminiscent of that memorable shooter from last decade.

The two games share more in common that you initially might think. Both games came later in a generation, buried beneath a hoard of "blockbuster" and "AAA" first-person shooters.

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psvitaisking2704d ago

more fps's... come on where is the innovation in the gamin community!!!!! please more story driven games!!!

Jdub895O2699d ago

i really hate to break it to you man....this game really really sucks.

SilentNegotiator2704d ago

Mmmmm, Black was awesome. I'm not entirely sure about the gunplay in this new game, though; seemed a bit wonky in gameplay videos. The reticles were sorta odd, too.

It looks more fast paced than Black. They look like distinctly different games. Which is fine, but I like the tactical necessity to Black. This one looks a bit more "balls out" and tailored to the fast-paced current-gen crowd. I don't care for the Crackdown-type points, either. Adding light RPG elements to a shooter just generally seems unnecessary - at least in these fast-paced "balls-out" ones.

BattleAxe2704d ago

This game isn't even comparable to Black.

DeadlyFire2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

They threw Lady Gaga in there as inspiration so of course not. Still though game has potential.

I agree gun reticule seems off/oddball in videos. Aiming isn't down the barrel it appears as typical of most FPS games as well. This is a negative point in my view, but I don't know.

joydestroy2704d ago

it really is a let down in comparison to Black imo. i was looking forward to this game but i still haven't been able to finish the demo on the 360. and where is the PS3 demo!?

Tyre2704d ago

The demo was annoying, hope it did not represent the entire game...