No console will dominate this gen, says Konami

PES and Metal Gear Solid house Konami has revealed that it believes no one format will dominate the playing field this generation, after the PS2 took the lead in almost every territory last time around.

With sales of over 120 million consoles worldwide, Xbox and Gamecube were left to fight for the PS2's scraps. According to Konami, it'll be a lot fairer split this time around.

"Whichever platform best caters to users' preferences in a particular country or region, in terms of the games available to be played on it, is now the one that will dominate the local market."

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BloodySinner4926d ago

If that's the case, this means we'll be seeing a certain Konami title going multiplatform. Hey, if a particular console can't dominate the market, might as well make sure the software is available to as much users as possible, right?

TheMART4926d ago

Exactly. So many pointers already:

A survey for Japan if they're into PS3 at all
This stuff about consoles

Konami is a 3rd party dev, MGS has been on MSX, Nintendo consoles, PS and even on XBOX already. Sony hasn't paid for MGS4 being exclusive. I'll stick to what I've said before: MGS4 will be on the 360.

PirateThom4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

Sony has paid for MGS4 being exclusive, after E3 Dille said "the agreement calls for exclusivity". I really don't know how much clearer they could make it, especially with Tretton saying Sony doesn't pay for exclusives about a week before.

And even if it was ported, it wouldn't be Kojima doing it, so it would be ruined to all hell like MGS2 was on the XBOX.

Keowrath4926d ago

Pirate Thom, let these Xbox fans hope all they want that MGS4 will one day grace their console in "one shape or form" by the time the game did come out everyone who really wanted to play the game will have bought the PS3 version and will have played it like it's meant to be played.

MGS4 is the reason I bought my PS3, the only thing that could make me unhappy with my purchase is if MGS4 stank. It's from Kojima so we all know that's not gonna happen...

So good luck Xbox fans, keep hoping you get the game you so obviously DO WANT. Maybe you'll get lucky and you'll be playing a watered down version of the game this time next year. Or maybe you won't...

I care not =p

Gamespot-equals-EGM4926d ago

Of course MGS4 will come out for the Xbox 360 eventually. But I don't expect Konami to even announce it until at least after 6 months the ps3 version is released.

IMO, it will probably come out on the the Xbox 360 8-12 months after the ps3 release. But Konami will keep its mouth shut about it until (like I said) about 6 months after the ps3 release. That's my prediction anyways.

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mesh14926d ago

all mgs game are average except mgs1 why do fanboys ingore this fact ? if says mgs is a killer its not as gamers had no choice but to wait for a sequel of 1 of the greatest game made mgs1 other 1s have been poor because mgs1 brought something new now what its brouight has been surpAssed.

Keowrath4926d ago

Like most of your comments Mesh... lol what?

PirateThom4926d ago

You're just wrong, it's a fantastic series. Why do you think so many people want it on their consoles?

illizit4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

Actually, it's a very good series, VERY GOOD! This isn't like Halo... MGS is hyped for a reason, it's good. (unlike halo 2.5)

Xwow4926d ago

MGS4 for x360,you live in a dream.
and i remember when industry insiders said that the lastgen console war (ps2,xbox,gamecube) none of them will dominate,BUT the ps2 take over the world,ps3 is still in it,s first year just wait until the end of 2008 and you will know why the ps3 will dominate this console war.

MS has nothing to counter MGS4,KILLZONE2,FFXIII,GT5,God of war 3.
EVEN NG2,ALAN WAKE,GOW2 will not help.
i know you xbots will call me fanboy but time will tell.

predator4926d ago

thats just a stuiped comment, all the games u just mentioned then are good in there own way and will appeal to gamers, dont play consoles, play games

PirateThom4926d ago

Alan Wake look like it could be a contender for GOTY, it has a nice style to it, I hope to see more of it starting next year.

jcgamer4926d ago

There are 2 things you said that I certainly agree with you on...the games you listed for BOTH consoles are many of my top picks...and time will who could argue with that...

Leg-End4926d ago

xwow u are one of those fanboys that sounds like an advert lol like nasim

Wii60PS3DSPSP4926d ago

Bubbles away, you get an ignore also. This site needs not more nasim/shmee's w/e.

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UnblessedSoul4926d ago

the xbox 360 is garbage and is not capable to play such great games such as mgs 4 final fantasy ect

Dick_Mitchell4926d ago

Xbox 360 and Wii have sold a similar number of systems.

The Xbox 360 has outsold the Wii for the last five weeks, and will likely continue to do so now by a greater margin as the price drops, and now that the Xbox Live Arcade system has been released.

But the Playstation 3 is a VERY DISTANT third (last) place in terms of worldwide sales. The Xbox 360 even outsold the Playstation 3 in Japan this last week, by about 250 systems. In terms of Worldwide Sales, the Xbox 360 and Wii outsell the Playstation 3 by hundreds of thousands of systems each month.

One thing is 100% certain, and I hope Konami knows it:
Even if one system does not dominate, since both the Xbox 360 and Wii will be successful...the Playstation 3 is already being "dominated" and it will continue to be "dominated" by the competition this entire generation.

That is why Metal Gear Solid 4 has been in development for the Xbox 360 for quite a while now...Although not "Officially" announced "Yet," as Hideo Kojima recently said.

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