Exploring Mass Effect: How deep is it?

Just how deep is the exploration in Mass Effect? It's a question that has been asked of IGN dozens of times over. Now that IGN has made it through the final retail build, they can finally answer the question definitively.

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predator4930d ago

cant wait, i wont bother with the story line i would just keep exploring these planets, also with bioware promising DLC to bridge the gap between mass effect 2 its going to be huge.

Sam Fisher4929d ago

exactly a month after this release and the DLC is actually an expansion with new weapons and abilities ....... 1 new weapon thats confirmed is plasma swords (creators of a star wars game so hmmmm we all no wat those "swords" r.......)

allforcalisto4930d ago

i get a feeling from this and of what we've already seen that quite a few of these places are quite samey; albeit with different events every now and then, but nevertheless samey.

ages ago when i first saw that confrontation shepard had with the alien in the bar, i was thinking bioware would have created a densely populated central city that you could visit, and there'd be missions where you have to protect people and find out things there. i'spose logically it probably wouldnt make sense to have just a single city in the cosmos, but then logically having no densely populated residential areas makes less sense. Within the story i think they could have made a logical justification for a single city being available for exploration.

x440Magnumx4929d ago

To my understanding the Citadel is pretty huge. I'd imagine there are other cities as well to be found, and nooks and crannies in them to be uncovered.