Is the Game Industry a Disappointment?

CinemaBlend Games' Tim Beringer writes that even though major hitters have been delivering exactly what they promised, he's still feeling disappointed - by Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft - in different ways. He explains why.

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TruthbeTold4963d ago

Gamers need to quit acting as if the world owes us a living. Nearly the whole of this article's complaints center around personal expectations that were unmet. So you weren't consulted personally during these past few years regarding how these systems should be built and marketed? Companies made a few hard decisions that they felt would be best for hmm... I don't know... their company? Who cares? You're nobody, and apparently you are still buying the products regardless of your bad attitude toward them.

Not to mention that within another year, pretty much none of the problems he mentioned will likely be around anymore. 360 should be completely over its hardware problems, PS3 developers should be beginning to master the hardware and bring out more of the systems capability, and the Wii should have enough quality titles to satisfy all demographics, whether they be casual, "hardcore", or so called gimmick.

allforcalisto4963d ago

i do agree that we are getting a lot of the same just repackaged as new, and certain games are getting too much hype on presentation alone. but then you can't overlook games like Assassin's creed, bioshock, and what you get with the orange box. It is a good time to be a gamer.

08 will be a better time, with ALan wake, splinter cell, MGs4, FFXIII, unreal, heavy rain, Little big planet, GTA IV, Fable 2, Killzone 2,

Baba19064963d ago

i think thsi year has been amazing for all consoles. i bought soooo many games. Tim cry me a river.

Coke-a-Cola4963d ago

With every aspect of living comes imperfection this is fact.
Life does not owe anyone a living.