Golden Rules: Online First Person Shooter Etiquette

Learn the rules to make your online experience even more enjoyable!

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Jacobite2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

that not just common sense lol

ATi_Elite2703d ago

"Don’t Target Inexperienced Players".....are you serious? Newbies gotta learn the HARD way and what better way to learn than getting ""raped" repeatedly by a veteran. it's the best way to get skills plus you'll feel proud when you take the Vet down!!

Don't accuse ppl of hacking until you check there stats (or have visual proof). if they are 59-2 then yeah they are hacking but if they are 6-3 then you just SUCK!!

One thing they should of added.......Learn to Fly on your dam time on an empty server! Don't go jumping into the pilot seat when you dam well know you can't fly!

startselect2703d ago

I like the 'Learn to Fly' suggestion - I'll never rule out creating a 'Part 2' of this feature...

Jacobite2702d ago

lol can see your point, but thats why alot of servers end up empty : ( just say for example running about with a PPSH\MP40 us a Kar98 or if that good a pistol for a while lol just an idea in Public fun servers gloves off in Hardcore\Clan servers, just need to keep folk playing and interested I can remember the first time playing Quake\UT lol no mercy talk about a harsh lesson seen a few friends fall to the wayside.

startselect2703d ago

It might be common sense, but how many people forget these rules?

earbus2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

The lack of online T bagging is a real concern , start of this gen people would gladly die to drop the bag in now everyones got all serious ,loved the shadowrun achieve catch the disease once you had it anyone who bagged you caught it nice touch great laughs. Top fun going online and shadowing players and watch them panic when they realise youre crouching next to them nevery fails to amuse me.

ATi_Elite2703d ago

Dead man's trigger in a lot of games kinda took T-Bagging away! Hell now a days you kill someone and it's best to run away.

I hate dead man's trigger cause i killed you and now i'm about to kill someone else but you get a cheap kill with that stupid perk even though i blew your head Clean off your shoulders!!