QuakeCon 2011: Taking The Lan Out Of Lan Party


"QuakeCon 2011 concluded just over a week ago, and it was definitely one of the better years in the history of the event.

"AT&T pulled through this year, offering excellent internet connectivity and over five times the bandwidth of previous years.

"Unfortunately, nothing is without drawbacks; the result of this was that LAN networking was restricted to anyone on the same network switch as yourself, which means you could only play LAN games with the people at your table.

"The internet may be good, but this was an absolute disappointment. It’s taking the LAN out of LAN party."

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Belgavion2707d ago

You'd think they could get an important LAN event like this right in 2011

gaminoz2707d ago

Interesting assessment of the Quakecon. Not for me (especially since it is in another country :) )

BadCircuit2707d ago

It seems more geared toward a certain PC crowd, whereas I like events that are geared toward gaming in general, especially consoles and many different publishers.