1UP Give Crysis 8/10

According to Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli, Crysis is like the gal that guys love to look at, only her Mensa score complements her measurements. While neither beauty and brains nor graphics and gameplay are negatively related --where the one necessarily suffers if the other soars -- Yerli's point is plain: "Don't hate our game because it's gorgeous." It is a bit messier than that, though not by much.

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ShiftyLookingCow4931d ago

whats up with 1UP and their crazy scores? 7/10 for Assassin's Creed(wtf?!) and now this. going thru PMS I guess

predator4931d ago

what the hell they gave assasins creed 7/10, i stoped reading after they said spoilers.

MK_Red4931d ago

Agreed. 1UP has honestly lost it. 8 for Crysis (It got 9.5 from GameSpot and 9-10s from EVERY other reviewer) and WTF!? 7 for Assassins!? 1UP is not officially my most hated and ignored site. I never ignored anyone on N4G and don't plan on doing it but 1UP is a site is on my ignore list...

predator4931d ago

8/10 from 1UP, gues they must not of liked it as much as everyone else.

Danja4931d ago

I can see it already 6.5 for UNCHARTED..they'll probably give NFS an 8.5

predator4931d ago

its there time of the month

MK_Red4931d ago

Good one. Bubbles for both of you. It's their time indeed.

Skerj4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

8/10 seems to be an appropriate score. It's a VERY gorgeous game but gameplay wise it doesn't bring much new to the table. Had Crytek not done a lot of this in Farcry it probably would have had a bigger impact. Since the genre is so saturated it's kind of hard to rate FPS's strictly on their own merits without comparing it to similar games, or even prior games from the developers. It'll be entertaining though, the open ended environments are a welcome change from the claustrophobic corridor crawls we so often get. I also heard the story gets pretty good later on so we'll see.

Also after checking the Gametrailers Assassin's Creed HD review, I can say that 7/10 might not be too far off either. I'll wait until I complete it to make my final judgment but the AI I saw displayed there deserves some demerits from the overall score alone. I've wanted AC for a very LONG time so regardless I'm buying the game but damn man.

sak5004931d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

I dont know, tried teh MP beta and my following system:

C2D E6600 2.4 o/c 3.5ghz
2 x 1gb 800 Mhz DDR2 dual channel
XFX 7950GX2 Single SLI 1GB RAM VGA 598/1400 o/cd
rest dont need to mention

give me freaking 15-20 fps with all settings to medium and no AA or AF. WTF is with this crap game? In BF2142 with all settings very High and 2xAA i'm getting 90-100fps. Also there are lots of yellowish flickering happening while textures load in crysis. I've tried both the 163.x and the earlier nvidia drivers.

Even tried on my other o/s Vista Ultimate but the performance suks big time.

Will try to d/l the SP demo and see if the performance is better otherwise its a no no for me.

Edit: Thanks Darth i was quite disappointed with the MP beta. My 19" monitor is ws so my rez is 1440x900. Will give the SP a shot.

ShiftyLookingCow4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

MP beta is exactly just that. Its an old unoptimized version of the game. Also its a debug version so performance is totally horrible. you need to try SP demo to get a better feel of the performance. My guess your system can run Crysis with a mixture of High and Medium settings at a resolution like 1280x720. Also XP performs better. And check for 169.04 beta driver.

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