TGH: Dishonored Preview

TGH Writes: It isn’t every day that a game can come along and blow your socks off in a pre alpha build. Its even rarer that a game can come and do all that and at the same time make you wonder why nobody else has done something that the gaming industry has been crying out for. Bethesda clearly realized the potential for Arkane Studios newest project and so decided to help publish it. Akane’s previous developments have been Arx Fatalis, Dark Messiah and they helped develop BioShock 2, you can see all these elements in their latest game Dishonored. We were shown the game being played and it was just incredible, apparently we were being shown it being played on a PC although throughout the demo it was giving xbox prompts for button presses

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ShadyDevil2704d ago

The more I hear about this game the more interested I become. It looks like a real class title from Bethesda.

ATi_Elite2704d ago

The guy that did a lot of the artwork for HL2 is working on this and boy is it coming through in this game.

I'm gonna put this on my to get list.

k4rma2704d ago

Wow! That sounds amazing. This is exactly the sort of first person game I love to bits. The stealth, the powers and abilities, the RPG elements and most of all the choice.

Cant wait to see this game in action.

dgroundwater2704d ago

I remember the first time I watched Bioshock gameplay. I said "meh", but it ended up being the best SP FPS of 2007! I won't make the mistake again.

newn4gguy2704d ago

Could this be the next Bioshock? That's my question.