TGH: Rage Preview

TGH Writes: When a game is shown off four years ago and then nothing more is heard from it, many people begin to lose interest in the title. When the game in question is the latest project from id, the geniuses behind both the Quake and Doom series, all that changes and now people are more excited than ever for the world of Rage.

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cooperdnizzle2706d ago

For real article, everybody knows the pc version will be the best, but you don't have to point out every single flaw the ps3 version has. I will be buying the pc version and ps3, and then will rent it for my 360, to check and see which is better between the two consoles, cause like i said we all know that the pc version will run the best, being that it is ID, and they are the masters of pc development.

I think the game will be amazing it is one of my favorite games that i have been looking forward to all year. I am super stoked that it is finally coming out. And it will definitely be in the running for game of the year. This game will kick ass, and the real winners here are everyone. No matter what console or pc you choose, you get the chance to play this master peace of a game. Wii owners sorry you're missing out on a great game. As for everyone else, let the good times roll. We are in for a treat!

kingdoms2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

You're not buying two versions of the game and renting the 360 version to see how they match up. LOL I'd be surprised if you even owned a 360. The real reason you mentioned that odd purchase behavior was to suggest the 360 version isn't worth buying because you want people to see that you're saying the 360 version is the lesser version almost saying some how PS3 is more capable of being closer to pc than the 360 is which is very funny.

PS3 media have seen this game running and have played it. Some non biased media have played both versions but no mention or articles comparing each console version because they are hiding the differences and you supposedly have a 360 and only want to rent it? LOL

cooperdnizzle2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

You're an idiot, I have two gamer tags with 360 you fool! Prizefighter and TRxVampx. So get over you're self. You don't even know me. You are the definition of ignorance. lol Really! Look it up stupid, And you make your self look like an ass!

This why you have one bubble. Because you're an idiot. I own every console going back to the nes. And i will be renting it for my 360 because that is what i choose to do. And actually dude i think the 360 version will be better when you install it fully to the hard drive. I in no way think the 360 version will be the worst. The ps3 version will proably have the most issues. But unlike you i am man enough to say, that i will buy it for ps3 cause i do support them more as a company. Now go touch yourself or something. Ignorant fool

BattleTorn2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

first off, I do exactly what he said he does. (often buy 2 and rent 1)

Weirdest thing, MY name is Cooper.(note his name^^)

Although with Rage I will buy Xbox, and try out PS3 version later.
And probably the other way around with Skyrim, but Im not sure yet.