EVE Online: A Newbie-Friendly Guide to Ninja Salvaging

New EVE Online players often find themselves at a loss on how to earn enough money to get better ships and equipment, or how to compete against players with months or even years of gameplay more than them.

Ninja Salvaging is a dishonorable, but very accessible and profitable career that proves effective in both purposes.

Giuseppe Nelva of explains how it's done.

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ATi_Elite2706d ago

There is NOTHING Newbie friendly about Eve Online. You need a PHD in Astro Nuclear Physics Engineering just to install the game.

If you like deep strategy, embezzling from a corporation, and backstabbing (or aspire to be a Senator or Stock Broker) Eve Online is for you!!

Abriael2706d ago

The guide is newbie-friendly. Ninja salvaging is just very accessible.

ATi_Elite2706d ago

I stopped playing EvE.....didn't have the dedicated time for it. but what the heck is Ninja Salvaging?....sounds semi-dangerous!

Abriael2706d ago

ninja salvaging = scanning down high level mission runner and salvaging their wrecks under their nose for fun and profit.