Battlefield 3 transport vehicles

In addition to tanks, jets and helicopters, Battlefield 3 will feature a wide selection of transport vehicles for troops to get around the map.

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dark-hollow2706d ago

I love how the "wii" is one one the tags but not the pc. -_-

lMHl2705d ago

whipe that dam smile of your face.

ATi_Elite2706d ago

Ahh come on man!

You gotta bring over the jet ski's from BC2! I fell in love with those things. Maybe we might get them in an expansion pak map!

Battlefield since 1942!

lil Titan2706d ago

would like some of these in an expansion or booster pack if it doesn't make retail

Raven_Nomad2706d ago

Duh! Which is one of the reasons I'm not getting it. I'm not into getting spawn trapped by vehicles, or blown up in a building or across the map.

Solid_Snake-2706d ago

basically you just wanna run and shoot.....i know a game just like that.

lMHl2705d ago

its called super mario

Dart892706d ago

I think you're looking for the kids section it's under COD xDDD.

IM_A_NINJA2706d ago

So absolutely no kids will be on Battlefield 3? I guess there is a first time for everything, but I highly doubt it.

I'm not a huge COD fan, but anytime you have a game with literally millions of people on it, of course your going to have more varieties of people, kids included. When you have a game with lesser online communities you might not get as many, but of course that doesn't mean it's free from them.

I always play online games in party chat anyway, so I couldn't tell you who is a kid or not.

artdafoo2705d ago

Translation: I prefer being able to hide behind some flimsy ass wall and shoot people as they run by and not have to worry about any type of rocket or other such explosive devices blasting a hole through the wall and and taking me or my teammates out. And the only type of spawn killing I enjoy is when I play domination in COD. I mean everybody you should feel safe when camping that's the whole point right ?

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OcularVision2706d ago

If there isn't a gun mounted onto it, I'm not interested.

peowpeow2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

If my vehicle is not a gun itself, I'm not interested! :p


Sooo Dice have done Land, Sea & Air vehicles?

Theyve never tried underwater =P

give us some submarines!

peowpeow2706d ago

I think they'll let us swim underwater before doing that :x

DigitalxPiracy2706d ago

Oh damn that would be sweet!

Elwenil2706d ago

There were subs in Battlefield 1942.


Exactly so there needs to be subs again =D

be a good anti vehicle measure with the tow missiles =D

peowpeow2705d ago

Oh there were? That's cool

electricshadow2705d ago

As long as I can strap C4 to a vehicle, jump off and blow up a tank, I'll be happy. :)

Elwenil2705d ago

That is probably the single most annoying and juvenile tactic in Battlefield games. No military on the planet would allow a soldier to waste assets in such a foolish manner. Congratulations on identifying the problem, now you can work on not being a douche.

electricshadow2705d ago

Because BF3 represents real life, right? Especially military spending.

Elwenil2705d ago

Just because it's a game doesn't mean you throw all sense of honor out the window. Fight and die like a man, not a coward using coward tactics.

electricshadow2705d ago

You do realize you're talking about a video game, right? The point is to have F-U-N. It's hilarious when it happens. You're taking video games way too serious. Just so you know, BF3 isn't going to be 'super serious all the time just like real life', battles. People will screw around. That's half the fun. You have your way of playing, and I have mine.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Remembers me that at 1:55:

Is worth to watch the whole montage, but at 1:55 is funny.

cdland2705d ago

I love that ... but I find I get kicked from the game. I really think its great when your squad is in the Humvee, shit blows up, people die and your squad gets out of a burnt shell ready to take the flag. Friendly is a good

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