Smash Bros. Sunday: Mii Thinks…

Welcome to Smash Bros. Sunday. The recurring feature that offers up great ideas to Nintendo for it’s long running beat ‘em up Smash Bros., this week we take a look at why your Wii avatars, or Miis, should be allowed to show there exaggerated faces amongst the Nintendo favourites.

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thephillup2712d ago

I definitely think that Mii's in Smash Bros. would be interesting since they are probably as iconic as Mario, but I just can't see them stacking up against other characters. Maybe they can steal moves like Kirby because they are customizable and change appearance? An interesting idea nonetheless.

jacksonmichael2712d ago

I don't think they should be like Kirby... Maybe closer to the Earthbound characters - people who hit other characters with sports equipment.

RockmanII72712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

That's what I was thinking, give them the items from Wii Sports/Resort to use as weapons.

mike1up2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

An interesting concept, but, i dont like it. Too easy. I want Nintendo to surprise me with past character that ive forgotten about. And more 3rd party characters.

Samus HD2712d ago

agree in the first one
but not more 3rd party characters
i guess 1 or 2 more would be nice - but they have to choose them carefully