7.0 Reviews Assassin's Creed

While the story may seem a little complex, the actual game structure is surprisingly simple: Kill nine dudes. Yep, that's it. But before you can start the slaying, you must perform various investigations in order to gather the adequate information for each hit. You gather information in several different ways: picking pockets, eavesdropping on conversations, performing tasks for fellow assassins, and interrogating informants. In order to find out where you need to go in order to accomplish these tasks, you must climb up to various viewpoints throughout each city. (Though how you learn where to eavesdrop by simply climbing up a building is beyond me.) Regardless, turning Altaïr into a medieval Spider-Man in order to reach high points is one of the best parts about the game.

Beware of a slight spoiler about the "twist" in the 2nd paragraph of the review.

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zantetsuken4963d ago

If 1UP gave it a 7.0, Gamespot is going to chew this game apart.

MK_Red4963d ago

Actually, as DarthNihilus has said in other posts, I think 1UP is in a bad mood right now. GameSpot gave 9.5 to Crysis while 1UP gave it 8 so I don't think GS giving lower score than 1UP is the case now.

1UP = screwed up badly.

mesh14963d ago

this review wont phase me from getting assassins creed it will be an awesome game,but this is what u get for giving reviewers MASS EFFECT 1st to review it sets a new standard for rpgs.

Hedberg4963d ago

I have found that Game Informer and Game Pro reviewers tend to have my taste when it comes to games.....for what I would call a real review for Assassins Creed go here.

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Danja4963d ago

haha ways I don't need some tard telling me how great a game is...

power of Green 4963d ago

One more review like this from one of the top reviewers before the 16th and I'm going to use the $60 I payed for this game to get COD4.

MK_Red4963d ago

So you only care for review of 2 sites. 1UP and one unknown and don't care about what GameInformer and other sane sites had to say? 1UP gave 7 to AC and 8 to Crysis. Does this show that they have lost it and need a medical check ASAP?

You really need to negative reviews to diss a game!?

jjfunaz4963d ago

I think 1up is pretty good with their reviews. Crysis is about an 8.0 game. The game itself is pretty sub standard. The graphics are amazing!!! truly some of the best, but graphics don't make it a great game. The fact is crysis is a standard shooter that copies elements from Halo, Farcry, and battlefield and mushes them together in a not so successful way.

I think that assasin's creed is probably a good game but i don't think its anything amazing. People are still getting excited about the amazing graphics, but this is next gen and this should be the norm. Now we have to start grading games on gameplay again.

I seriously discredit anyplace that gives out more then 3-4 9.0+ reviews a year, i think game informer already gave out 2-3 100s this year which is stupid. People assume that 8.0 is a crap game, even a 7.0 game is worth a buy but i hate how there are so many 9.0 reviews getting thrown around.

Kleptic4963d ago

POG...never take anything 1up says seriously...they are indeed retarded...

however...I would definitely recommend getting CoD 4 if you haven't already...AC looks ok I guess, but CoD 4 is an easy contender for game of the year, and most likely has already sealed FPS of the year...

Shankle4963d ago

I'll wait for the zero punctuation review. That guy knows what he's talking about.

akumous4963d ago'll get more out of your money with COD 4 than Assassin Creed, trust me..COD4 = tons of reply value..AC...umm no, not at all..once you're done with it, your done with it

witchking4963d ago

Even if AC gets 10s, you should do yourself a favor and get COD4, especially if you have a chance to play it online. Amazing.

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mad4963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

7.0? Gamespot did it with Ratchet and it is 1up's turn to be retarded....

Well Gamepro gave it 10/10, Games Radar 10/10, Game informer 9.5, Game Trailers 9.1, yahoo games 4.5/5, 1up does seem retarded to me right now...

zantetsuken4963d ago

It's a little too early to say that. We need more reviews. However, go watch the GT review video. The score is absolutely fitting for their AI work. It's abysmal.

WIIIS14963d ago

I played R&C and it was initially very fun, so I disagreed with Gamespot's score. But the game started getting very repetitive halfway through, particularly after the novelty of the various weapons wore off. My very honest opinion is that save for graphics, Kameo is the better and more creative platform game. R&C is too much of a shooter, so I am more inclined to to agree with Gamespot now.

Dissing reviewers is just too rampant on this forum, I think you guys should take into account the fact that different people have different perspectives, all of which might be equally valid.

As for Assassin's, I always did have the gut feeling it wouldn't be that great. We'll just have to wait for a few more reviews.

TheMART4963d ago

A 7.0????? How did this then get a 9.5 or so from Game Informer?

ShiftyLookingCow4963d ago

1UP is going through something similar to PMS. Damn I am worried what they will give to Mass Effect and Uncharted

MK_Red4963d ago

Agree with DarthNihilus. I'm also worried.
AC got 9.5 from GameInformer and 9.1 from GT.

1UP gave 8 to Crysis which has already lots of 10s and a 9.5 from GameSpot and 9.4 from IGN.

1UP has lost it, specially in case of AC.

socomnick4963d ago

What if ac isnt that good what if it does meet this score.

S1D3 EFFEC74963d ago

They give them out like their candy, thats why I hate their crappy reviews. I only trust EGM now.

BLUR1114963d ago

ohh that's cause gameinformer is a real pro game reviewer. and 1up just is full a crap on reviews

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