TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 Hands on Preview and Analysis - Animetoxin

The Tekken fighting franchise is known for its highly strategic one on one battles and mind games,toss in a Tag tournament and we've got a successful winning formula.
The sequel plays like the original Tekken Tag Tournament, albeit with Tekken 6 tweaks and a huge character roster.

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ps4me2705d ago

Harada san is too ambitious regarding his beloved franchise which has lead to 2 more games coming out in close proximity,Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken Tag tournament 2.
Lets see ehether the game can live up to the expectations.

Include a Stable Netcode and Im sold.

I choose Lili + Asuka + Hwoarang.

Abash2705d ago

I can't wait for Tekken Hybrid to try out TTT2 Prologue, also to put a ton of hours in TTT HD

ps4me2705d ago

When is Tekken Hybrid and TTT HD coming out???

What exactly is TTT2 Prologue? Is it a Demo?

Abash2705d ago


It comes out sometime in November last I heard

jetlian2705d ago

street fighter x tekken is not harada thats ono! tekken x street fighter is harada and they haven't started it yet

shreeveera2705d ago

I'll go with Lei + Jin + Jun

JUN rules...

ps4me2705d ago

Im also very much excited to play JUN on the Current gen consoles.
Nostalgic memories of Jun and Nina!

giantmann12705d ago

what is tekken hybrid is it the same as tekken tag 2

Quagmire2704d ago

Hybrid is a Tekken Bundle exclusive for PS3 which comes with the new Tekken: Blood Vengeance CGI movie, the original Tekken Tag Tournament remastered in HD, and Tag 2 Prologue, essentially a demo of the upcoming game, which comes with Alisa, Ling, and new renders of Devil Jin and Devil Kazuya

Deadpool6162705d ago

Lei Wulong is my main. A very underrated character, but he's one heck of a Super Cop. Panda and Xiaoyu are my other favorites. That would be my team.

Prototype2705d ago

Prototype Jack and Gun Jack
Tiger and Tetsujin
Armor King and King

I hope they kept all their original tag moves

Deadpool6162705d ago

Excellent teams. Characters that associate with each other should have certain tag moves together. A bubble to you!

TheRichterBelmont2705d ago

Lee Chaolan says "Excellent!"

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