Last Chance for Deus Ex: Human Revolution Pre-Order Bonuses

Time is running out to get the pre-order bonuses for the widely anticipated Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and there are a great deal of pre-order bonuses available. Whether you’re trying to save money or find the perfect DLC, this list will reveal the best places to save and all of the pre-order bonuses available. Check out the best deals from retailers across the globe for Deus Ex: Human Revolution pre-order bonuses before they’re no longer available.

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fluffydelusions2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I already preordered from gamestop but had no idea what the bonuses included until I read the article.

BakedGoods2712d ago

Good cal, GS has the best one--it includes the bonus Tracer Tong mission (Tong's a main character in Deus Ex 1, it'll be cool to see 'em in this game).

chriski3332712d ago

yup same here preordered from gamestop never played any of the old games but im looking forward to tuesday getting on the ps3

kamakaz3md2712d ago

i want the 70 dollar one from gs, but I got the 60 dollar one preordered already, and dont have much money left... the extra stuff is well worth it imo, and i been waiting 8 years for this game, so idk what im gonna do, we will see... The game alone is gonna be overwhelming enough for me, so idc. Whats cool is that some of the places in the game are set in detroit, where go to get my meds almost every other day (wink, wink) lol. Anyway, im so pumped for this game.

BakedGoods2712d ago

Yeah man, and another city in-game is Montreal! Ever seen that city in a videogame?! I haven't.

kamakaz3md2712d ago

this game is gonna be the best EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

banjadude2712d ago

I am importing the Collector's Edition from the UK. I get everything except the TF2 stuff... Oh well

k4rma2712d ago

Screw all that. I really, REALLY wanna play this game on day 1. But I want the full experience! not pre-order / special edition bits and pieces all over the damn place. I think the best option right now, is to not pre-order anything, pick it up second hand in a few months and just forget about all this in-game pre-order bonus stuff. As much as that pains me to do. I cant in good conscience support this sort of practice from developers and publishers. Its killing the fun of gaming for me. I no longer look forward to a games release, but instead get stressed out knowing that I am going to be faced with some ridiculously hard choices. And that no matter which way I slice it, I am going to miss out on in-game content, just so they can spread it out among pre-orders and bonus incentives, and anti-trade-in schemes. I really hate it all.

Sorry to the guys that developed this, but I wont support this bad practice. I will buy second hand, and you wont receive my money. Even though I really want to support the developers that make the types of games I like playing.

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