Top Three Visually Astounding 360 Exclusives

''A brutally fierce debate has raged for a long time concerning which home console possessed the apparent capability to outdo the other when it comes to producing traffic-stopping, breathtakingly beautiful visuals. The PS3 has constantly been championed as the uber-powerful, supercomputer-like console, a system so technically advanced that it’s graphical ability could lay untouched and unrivaled for years to come – a future-proofed titan.

However, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 can continue to stand tall and lay claim to a variety of devastatingly gorgeous, exclusive titles which showcase the system’s often overlooked visual prowess. We’ve compiled a purely opinion-based list of the three most visually astounding titles available exclusively for the Xbox 360.''

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fluffydelusions2712d ago

Good games but I think Alan Wake should be there also.

HardcoreGamer2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

OMG not again, i read a recent article like this already a while back. does 360 not have new games to talk about, instead of going over and over the old ones we already seen

PS i like your adroid self. i love android OS

egidem2712d ago

"Top Three Visually Astounding 360 Exclusives"

Correct me if I'm mistaken, but where does it mention that these exclusive titles have to be "new"?

I agree with fluffydelusions. Alan Wake should've been on that list. It's one of the best looking Xbox 360 exclusives...While we're at it, why isn't Microsoft giving us a sequel to this game???

What are they doing???

Anon19742712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Here's something that kinda bugged me. No doubt, Gears and Halo are two of the best looking games on the 360, and two of my personal favorites - but I thought those screenshots seemed a little suspect. Both games looked fantastic, but I didn't remember them looking that good. Sure enough, those aren't even in-game scenes with the final 360 build. Those were early screenshots that both Epic and Bungie released months before the games were released. Just click on the screenshots and do a search for those image names. They weren't taken from the final 360 build. One of them's even called "preview", because that's exactly what they were - preview renders used for promotion.

I don't disagree with either of these games being on here, but if you're going to do a piece like this, at least be honest and use screenshots from the actual finished games. A lot can change from those early screen renders.

Can't wait for Gears 3, and I haven't played Alan Wake yet, although it's recently been added to my pile of games I have zero time to play, although it's good to hear it's visuals have impressed people enough that it should be included on this list. Looking forward to getting to spend some time with that one.

Edit: I notice some are talking about sub-HD resolutions breaking a game. Personally, I think that's nonsense. While higher resolution certainly doesn't hurt, I'd much rather sacrifice resolution for more textures, better lighting, more particle effects, etc..etc. In same cases, like the last Tekken, many noted that although one version ran in a lower resolution, that was visually the more stunning of the two because of all the extra things they did. Resolution isn't the end all, be all graphically.

death2smoochie2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )


"I notice some are talking about sub-HD resolutions breaking a game. Personally, I think that's nonsense. While higher resolution certainly doesn't hurt, I'd much rather sacrifice resolution for more textures, better lighting, more particle effects, etc..etc."

You are correct.
Read DF article on Alan Wake.
It's a good read. One of the main reasons Alan Wake is Sub HD is its one of the few console titles out this generation that uses all HDR and most of it in Real time. Eye adaptive HDR.
They don't use LDR or NAO32.
Most of its shadow, Fog, Volumtric smoke effects are also in real time.
In order for them to do this, resolutions where dropped and some of the textures were very low resoltuion.
The developers COULD have gone in the direction of most developers this generation for console games and done MOST of the lighting and other effects not in real time and have it pre baked like Gears 3, Uncharted, KZ3 etc.
But they did not.
I give props for the developers of Alan Wake for this.
Still would have been nice to see this title on the PC where it could have really shined.

AngryTypingGuy2711d ago

Alan Wake should absolutely be on that list. That game is unbelievably good looking. It's not the very best looking game this gen, but it's right up there.

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WANNAGETHIGH2712d ago ShowReplies(4)
ATi_Elite2712d ago

I wasn't too trilled with the Halo:Reach over all graphics quality but the lighting and particle effects were simply very amazing.

Gears3 is so gonna set a new 360 graphics standard.

Alan Wake should of made the list.

Ayepecks2712d ago

If Alan Wake didn't run at a massive sub-HD resolution I'd agree with you, but the low resolution really reduces the graphics quality of that game.

KING_KAI2712d ago

i didnt even know it was sub hd until 2 months after i bought. it looks really good

SixShotCop2712d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Alan Wake is a beautiful game. I played it three times so i would know. 1500GS baby! The low resolution doesn't even show. The animations on the other hand could've been better.

Ayepecks2711d ago

@KING_KAI and JerryKurl: I never said it didn't look good. I said the sub-HD really reduces the graphics quality and, thus, isn't what I'd consider one of the three most visually astounding 360 exclusives, which is what we're talking about.

I played it, too. It looks good, and never said it didn't (in fact, I said if it weren't such a low resolution that I'd put it in the top three). But it's not one of the three best.

PRHB HYBRiiD2712d ago

Lol who else knew the other two games in the list without even reading the article?

TheXgamerLive2712d ago

Yes, ALAN WAKE is my choice and I loved that game, hopefully waiting for AWII

cliffbo2710d ago

none of those games even come close to the ps3 exclusives problem with you xbox fanboys you wear rose tinted glasses take them off and look at what you are missing out on.

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KingSlayer2712d ago

I haven't seen a visually astounding 360 game. Good looking games, of course. Astounding? Nah.

firemassacre2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

i agree. alan wake disappointed me because it was not even in HD, and they closed much of it off.

as far as other games go, i would probably say the best looking 360 exclusive is gears of war 2 at the moment.

Convas2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Are you disappointed in Resistance 3 for being sub-HD? Of course not, your comment history says it all.

Despite the fact that they are both good games that were and will be enjoyed by their fans, you of course, show your true colors as a graphics whore.

JokesOnYou2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Here's how he feels about Resistance 3:

n4g post called "30 New Resistance 3 Images":

#3 firemassacre + 18d ago

game looks amazing! day 1

-lol, as you can see no mention of his dissapointment with R3's sub-HD rez, only excitement. Clizz you know the drill...if its exclusive its "OMG amazing", if its exclusive on the other console then its "'meh, Im dissapointed."

Surely Alan Wake still looks very impressive and at the time was quite worthy of graphical praise, but of course many scoffed at the mere idea of a subhd game looking great simply because it was 360 exclusive, despite the great work Remedy pulled off, but on this site that isn't allowed, more importantly it was an all around great game.

-On topic, these are old, there are some graphical beasts that will raise the bar coming soon and lets not forget Crysis2 already raised the bar over all thats come before(in terms of graphics), it may be multi but if thats possible on 360 why wouldn't other games be marginal improvements at least, no different than any other gen, great dev's find a way to keep advancing on past games. Still both consoles have limits.

lMHl2712d ago

REACH?!?!?! is the best game ever made

omi25p2712d ago

Gears of War 3 looks visually astounding

-Mezzo-2712d ago

Definitely good choices, but i will agree with "Fluffy", Alan Wake deserves a spot in top 5.

SilleGamer2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Alan Wake is absolutely beautiful.

It would definitely make the list, if it was top five!

xXtremeHDGamerXx2712d ago

Replace Halo Reach with Alan Wake

omi25p2712d ago

Agreed. I thought Halo Reach looked really out dated.

humbleopinion2712d ago

And I thought it looked superior to any FPS on console to date, sans Crysis 2 perhaps in some areas. The game pushes so much content on such a large scale and yet has amazing detail up close thanks to superb models and textures.
And that's without mentioning the icing on the cake: amazing 3d particle effects like volumetric smoke, camera HDR done right and global illumination (and not that poor SSAO stuff but proper GI). Even the cinematics were properly done in realtime while still being top notch impressive.
So why do you find all this tech outdated? What game do you recall that can actually push all that?

(BTW, I'm not saying that Alan Wake doesn't deserve a top spot - it's an amazing looking game. I just find it funny that someone calls this tech in Reach "outdated").