Eurogamer reviews Crysis - 9/10

Jim Rossignol of Eurogamer reviews the soon to be released PC shooter from Crytek. He thus concludes the review:

"This is a game that feels supremely engineered, like a precision machine, or a German automobile. It's makes Half-Life 2 seem old and frail, but by the same token it does nothing to diminish the imaginative achievements of that series. Crysis is impressive, but not imaginatively bold. Nor does it engage us like some other great shooters - such as BioShock - have done with their world and their personality. It's far better than Far Cry, and it's clearly going to create a rabid army of fans, many of whom I hope will plug themselves into the absurdly easy-to-us level editor and create us more single-player campaigns. Personally I'd like to see where this astounding world-forging technology will take us. And I can't wait to see what Crytek will do next."

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