PS3’s Capabilities Surpassed with PlayStation Vita, Still A “Car Wreck”? – NGV Episode #49

"This week Nick discusses the criticism the PlayStation Vita received and its relation to a “car wreck”. Nick speaks on the company’s statements and provides insight on their outspoken views. Nick also speaks on the recent PlayStation Vita press release that officially revealed the amount of system memory (RAM) and video memory (VRAM) built into the upcoming gaming handheld."


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fluffydelusions4709d ago

I wouldn't go so far as to say it's capabilities have been surpassed. It's just the way Sony allocated the memory for the PS3 which is why there is no cross game chat. Poor decision on Sony's part TBH but at least they've learnt from their mistake and fixed it in the PSV.

DarkCharizard_4709d ago

The device itself is awesome, but it won't be very successful considering the other portable options and the price.

piroh4709d ago

the price is very affordable even Nintendo is afraid

let's wait and see

PSVita4709d ago

"the other portable options and price." like what the 3ds? what other portable options have two analog stick, none, nuff said. We all know your biased but seriously who isn't excited about this machine we know devs are that's for sure.

Dramscus4709d ago

People seem to keep ruling out the two analogue sticks.

They are literally a game changer. When did console fps start becoming really popular. When the controllers started having these two sticks.

So no it's not going to be a car wreck. If it has Any fps as a launch title it's going to be like an autobot sized problem for the competition. If it launches with Call of Duty it's going to be more than tha.

The price is great I know plenty of people planning to buy it day one because of the price.

If you think the price is bad because it's closely priced to what the 3DS was priced at on launch, and think that because that failed then so will this. Well your a dolt, this isn't a 3DS, the whole world knows sony sells premium products, and most people expected the vita to launch at like 350-400 bucks because of that.

Aside from the 3ds which doesn't really compete with the dual analogue vita, yes I'm mentioning it again it sets them in different classes, phone's arent competition for it either.

It's not so much a portable device as a portable home console. Cell phones are for five minute gaming, and ds 3d or otherwise are for portable gaming experiences. This isn't offering that, at all. It's totally providing the same experience that I'll be getting on my tv.

Plus it makes the PS3 into a wii u like unit as they've said their planning to add such capabilities to the unit.
I think most people that own a ps3 will end up getting a vita.

Imagine remote play that actually works with every ps3 game.

I can't see this failing.

BattleAxe4709d ago (Edited 4709d ago )

DarkCharizard_ + 4h ago
The device itself is awesome, but it won't be very successful considering the other portable options and the price.
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(Different Article)
Why Uncharted 3 Will Be The Best Looking Console Game This Year

DarkCharizard_ + 4h ago
Graphics wise - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception or Gears of War 3

Quality wise - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword or Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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You have no credibility on this site. Sell your PC.

rjdofu4709d ago

@BattleAxe: he's a Nintendo fanboy to the core, an extreme one (i.e. stubborn, ignorant, illogical...), as rubbish as any extreme fanboy out there.

AngryTypingGuy4709d ago

If the Vita has surpassed the PS3, does that mean that the PS3 Slim is going to be a centimeter thick?

Ravenor4709d ago

Like the PSP right guys?

silvacrest4709d ago

you are right about the dual analog thing, naysayers need to think about what is the most popular online multiplayer genre, FPS, you NEED dual analogs to play them well, voice chat is a nice bonus too

no other portable is capable of doing this, the 3DS has average graphics and one analog, tablets dont have the games nor the controls yet

the vita can dominate if the FPS junkies as well as handheld fans pick it up

Kurt Russell4709d ago

Vita is an awesome bit of kit, but it won't dominate. It'll be just a more adult alternative in the hand helds which suits teen/tweens rather than 10 year olds.

morganfell4709d ago

Ken Levine:

“It has dual analog sticks,” he told the PS Blog. “And I love shooters. You can finally play a shooter, a real shooter, on a handheld. Seriously, that’s a hole in my soul right now. Now I’ll have something I can play real shooters on, and that’s really important to me. It’s awesome.”


Iroquois_Pliskin4708d ago

wow, even at trolling you manage to fail darkcharizard....

Christopher4708d ago

Other portable options are actually more expensive. iPhone 4, Android, tablets, etc. All of them cost more and have lower gaming capabilities.

It won't be as successful as desired because it doesn't do a lot more like a smartphone or tablet.

gamingdroid4708d ago

***Other portable options are actually more expensive. iPhone 4, Android, tablets, etc. All of them cost more and have lower gaming capabilities.***

Yes, but the vast majority of those other devices also do a lot more than just gaming and in some areas have a higher spec and is smaller. Smaller tend to cost more.

Add on the fact that phones are subsidized by your cell phone carrier and is in many ways "almost" a necessity in our modern society while gaming is not even close to it.

I think PS Vita is a godsend for hardcore/mid-core gamers, but some of them might just find the phone fit's that void phone just fine and just stick with the big experience at home.

I think the market for handhelds is shrinking, especially the hardcore market.

Christopher4708d ago

@gamingdroid: Think you failed to read that last sentence of mine.

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fluffydelusions4709d ago


Only time will tell I suppose. I'm hoping it does well personally.

firemassacre4709d ago

who ever called vita a car wreck must have just gotten out of one.

Parapraxis4709d ago

It was a dev who has made nothing but crap games (You can say that's subjective, but look at their history)

Cablephish4709d ago

*CoUgH* Heavy Metal *cOUgh*

DragonKnight4709d ago

@Parapraxis: Man did that guy make some awful games. This is the guy that said the Vita is a car wreck? He's got no authority to talk at all based on that list alone. Wow.

3GenGames4709d ago

I'd love to see a PS3 RAM and memory map that you're referencing and see how the ram is so skewed. I mean, the programs NEVER have direct access to it, the PS3's compiler allocates the memory, the program doesn't know how weird it is.

showtimefolks4709d ago

and for 249 its a great price point. cross game chat is a good feature but when its can't be done let's just move on

so what for a free online service we can't get cross game chat everything else is there along with awesome exclusives

what would you rather have?

cross game chat
or awesome exclusives

nirwanda4709d ago

I still don't get the vita at all, it will get lots of downgraded ps3 games and the battery life won't be too great with all that power so its use will be restricted mainly to home use.
Lets be honest everyone given the choice of a ps3 game or a downgraded vita version your going to get the ps3 game everytime even if it doesn't get lot's of ports there are more then enough good home console games on the way to use your money elsewhere

NiKK_4194708d ago

Actually I will probably start getting games on vita instead, simply because it's portable and is ps3 quality anyway.

eclectified4708d ago

For the record, there was info out there from Sony that said battery life would be comparable to the PSP. Only time will tell, but if they're right, I'll be happy.

damnyouretall4708d ago

yeah i had a day one vita preorder, i cancelled though. had choose the vita or uc3,gow3,deus ex, skyrim, madden , team ico and most definetly bf3. decisions decisions

nycredude4708d ago


Sony has said they are shooting to have the battery life the same or better than the psp. This is possible with smaller and more efficient chips and the oled screen, which uses very little power.

Psp was pretty much a Ps2 lite and look how that turned out. Psp was $199 not long ago which makes the Psv a steal at the $250 price point.

All the gamestop around my way report that trade ins for psp systems are high now. no doubt people are anticipating this handheld.

I know I am waiting for it.