A couple of new Final Fantasy Versus XIII Screenshots

They're nothing we haven't seen ins scans, but they're once again better quality versions of what we've already seen.

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mighty_douche4930d ago

give us more than that please....

mesh14930d ago

this game is gettting real sad they show only cgi screen shots ,can we see some reAL gameplay screen and footage ???? or will u keep showing usscreens from cgi movies that are on game trailers????

fopums4930d ago

they should just post the extended trailer, give us a little somthing more.

Square should by now be proud of thier CG work and show it off any chance they get. I have heard the extended trailer is amazing.....arg I had almost forgot about this title too! now Im going to be heading over to every other day again checking for updates.....

the_bebop4930d ago

Square will never do anything like that because they probably want to hype it up as much as Halo 3, considering they are probably hoping FFXIII and Verus XIII will do what FFVII did.

allforcalisto4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

i don't think it's really occured to me yet how much potential a final fantasy set in a modern day setting has.

people keep thinking of Dirge for some reason, because of how dark dirge looked, but it makes a lot more sense to think of Kingdom hearts + the guys that brough you advent children FFX and FF7

maximise and read for those interested in what nomura wants to do.

i smelll possible AAA
even from the most anti-ff game magazine editors who prefer wrpgs.

there are tons of other interviews on under the fabula nova chrystallis header. a lot of information is there on the FFXIII's gameplay and story. Enough to make me feel sorry for kids who are buying a 360 for jrpgs like Lost odyssey. I think the game will be damn good, but last gen good; nothing new basically.

mistertwoturbo4930d ago

yeah but you are basing your opinion off of cgi photos and nothing really that shows the actual game.

all it really takes is the inside hardware pushing graphics they're known for, regardless of actual story (which they seem to be pretty good at) and it will sell millions of PS3s.

worst comes to worst, if FFXIII and FFXIII Versus aren't successes, then they'll probably makes FFIV for XBOX 720 (or whatever it's gonna be called)

allforcalisto4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

i'm not basing my opinion off of cgi photos. That's what a lot of others are doing.

i'm basing all of my opinion on this game off of interviews i've read with the devs, and their track record as i mentioned, FF7, FF10, kingdom hearts have been made by these guys. there have been countless previews of the game as i said on reemember the consistency of the FF series; near all A-AA-AAA's.

your "worst comees to worst" sales flop won't happen ffXIII's are consistently in famitsu's most wanted. Squeenix had their own mega theatre at tgs, and the lines took hours. The idea that these games could flop is as impossible as halo 3 flopping. In japan alone these games will shift 2-3 mill, i'm seeing 4.

if squeenix didnt believe this themselve FFXIII would already be a multiplat. They're already making last remnant on 360, and publishing unifinite undiscovery, so they've obviously made a deal with sony, but think about it, they'd have to be pretty confident to agree to that deal.

they'll both be AAA's quote that .

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