DICE Fixes 3D Spotting Issue

One issue many gamers have had with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was regarding the 3D spotting.

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DaThreats2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Tortilla Chips

Edit: @below
And its even stated in da article lol

Criminal2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

I was trying to make sense of your comment. Then it hit me, you're talking about the markers over the enemy heads, right?

I just skimmed the quote. Normally if I see tortilla chips I get excited too lol, but I missed it. :(

a_squirrel2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

On the bright side, thanks to you I feel less stupid?

I didn't get the connection between glowing triangles and tortillas either...

evrfighter2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

still doesn't fix the all it takes is for someone to see you for a second then you become a spicy dorito for the whole enemy team for 20 seconds issue...

3d spotting rewards campers and hampers players that are trying to push and flank. it makes me mad bro

jib2708d ago


not sure if bf3 will have this mode but hardcore mode in bc2 doesn't have spotting

FanboyPunisher2709d ago

Wait wait wait...

Its a new engine..why the fuck would that issue of been in the game to begin with?

Been fixed since they coded the engine.

Mister_V2709d ago

Enemies are marked (with an orange triangle in the case of Battlefield games) on the field, rather than ONLY on your mini-map. It's done by pressing 'back' on the 360. I think it's 'select' for PS3 and 'Q' for PC.

agentxk2709d ago

Glad to see that is fixed

egidem2709d ago

I wish the same would be done for Bad Company 2. Sometimes spotting someone (like a helicopter or UAV) doesn't work for some reason.

-Alpha2709d ago

There is a cooldown so you cannot spam the spot button.

a_squirrel2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Ever hear of one bad apple spoils the whole barrel? Well for the few spotting spammers, c4 whores, really bad snipers, and gl noobs in the beta...


The following had been 'fixed' with:

-Spotting cooldown

-A maximum of 6 (or is it 4? I forgot...) C4s placed at a time. The same goes for antitank mines.

-If you enter a vehicle too soon after placing c4, your c4 will be broken. You can place infinite amounts, but you can't detonate.

-The MCOM 2x more resistance to explosive damage (this was actually a good fix)

-Sniper bullets drop less

-Sniper accuracy when using any scope, and trying to quickly shoot someone, it will be totally inaccurate (to fix quick scoping)

-Cooldown for resupplying ammo, specifically, explosives.

I thought the beta had it best. There were the few annoying people that ruined it though...

egidem2708d ago


Thanks for that tip...that actually explains everything! It actually explains why if I were controlling a UAV I am able to spot enemies and after a little while spotting them doesn't work...nothing happens. I'll be wise in the future how I spot them.

What saddens me is that some people who play the game don't even know how to spot. I'd jump in a Rush game, only to find out that 6 of the teammates are playing as recon, all sitting on top of a hill and they wonder why we're not winning >:(

jib2708d ago

4 anti tank mines? are they considered to be that op?

The_Claw2708d ago

probably has something to do with the fact you could throw 6 landmines on the mcom and chuck a grenade to blow it up. I wish they would just do away with damage to mcoms. It defeats the purpose of the game mode. Its attack and defend, not spam explosives at the target spawn after spawn until it blows. This tactic is not allowed on gamebattles for a reason.

Undeadwolfy2708d ago

@a_squirrel dawww they reduced bullet drop? I liked the amount of drop that was on the bullet. Really called for some epic moments and took alot more skill. I assume with this change means that the maps wont be as big as Bad Company 2 on the console. I hope I'm wrong though.

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Nitrowolf22709d ago

good. This is why we have beta's and such to get fixes and such

Criminal2709d ago

Speaking of beta, did DICE announce when it will go live? Last I heard, sometime in September.

DigitalxPiracy2709d ago

I'm really hoping it's in early September because I only got to play like 10 games during the alpha phase. I need my fix!

fooxy2709d ago

I don't like to run around with triangle above my head so I only play hardcore but good to see Dice tweaking stuff even before game comes out

Pjuice2709d ago

the damage system is fine on regular mode is fine i think bf3 is not trying to be a super realistic game hardcore mode tries to do that but you get shot in the toe and die, if you want a more realistic game try arma or red orchestra there sweet and they satisfy that side of fps genre in my opinion. But anytime there's an orange triangle following your head for the whole team to see its wrong in my opinion and like allot of others said these diff game modes split up the community like crazy bf2 had one of the biggest and best communities i think.

Rettom2709d ago

O rly??? I'm being serious about this, I didn't know there were campers in Battlefield. OH well, still better than CoD

-Alpha2709d ago

There are campers in every game, even BF.

Hey wait, what does this have to do with camping?

a_squirrel2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Then again, the amount of SPAWN campers is practically non-existent. Of course you're going to camp the objective. It's called 'defending'. You're not going to run right at the objective without expecting someone to be shooting at you!

Hey, before you disagree, consider that you can spawn on your squad leader. Choosing where to spawn is pretty vital.

Rettom2709d ago

Did you not see the video in the article?

net1234562708d ago

Campers in Battlefield suck in most cases they dont get many points an will be spotted soon which equals death when you dont move.

Ofcourse that only is true if your team doesnt suck. Sometimes they just dont care about campers or helicopters slaughtering them. "Yeah a helicopter is killing my team whats that ?A russian anti air vehicle cannon ? No I just dont get why I cant hit a moving target by directly aiming at it. I rather hide so that the chopper cant kill me."

"Oh this Hill is completly orange but its to far away and I risk getting shot moving around. Someone else will kill them I hope"

Every tactic in Battlefield can be countered through another one kinda like rock paper scissors if you die its your or your teams mistake. Sure beeing able to spot targets which are invisible just because you know they have to be somewhere around here is not perfect. But I think despite the flaws Battlefield is well balanced I rarely come into a unsolvable situation

AKS2708d ago

Spotting helps punish campers. Snipers will pick off a spotted camper pretty quickly, especially if you are on a decent team that works together. A friend an I often team up to hunt them down and give campers a thrashing using complimentary classes and teamwork in BC2. One of us will use spotting and a verbal description of the target while the other picks them off. We attack from separate positions and angles. I'm also sneaky about sabotaging vehicles by placing explosives in shadowy areas and shallow holes.

Rettom2708d ago

Ahaha! I like how you play >:)

Sounds dirty though o_o

PS3 or Xbox or PC?

AKS2708d ago

I have the PC and PS3 versions.

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