Post-mortem: Why CoD4 Looks So Hot

Infinity Ward lead artist Michael Boon writes candidly about how the studio made Call of Duty 4 one of the best-looking games around. (Trivia: CoD4 characters actually use less polys than CoD2's.)

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Zip4923d ago

but it wont last long untill compitive games like Assiants creed ect. overrun cod 4, but yet again, 2 different genres

Baba19064923d ago

i looks so amazing, that it scared me sometimes lol. i was like, holy moly im at war lol.

TheMART4923d ago

"Our tools pipeline, which I complained about as being "rudimentary" during CoD2 development, was actually quite robust by the time we shipped CoD2, and improved significantly during the first year or so of development on CoD4. From the beginning of development, every developer had a 360 test kit on his or her desk, and we could make changes on our PCs and see them in the game on the 360 within 5 seconds."

That's why you gotta love the XBOX 360. Development tools are better than on any other console.

KidMakeshift4923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

It looks a lot nicer than it really is does because of the 60 fps. It's surprising how much better a game looks at that framerate. However, most environments (some levels don't look so great) look great from a distance, but everything up close has a somewhat flat and printed-like low res texture look. Gears of War is still the best graphical showcase for the system, but I don't understand how these mult-million dollar games don't look as graphically impressive as some smaller budgeted games.

It just feels like that a bunch of these big developers are cutting corners and using alot of last gen models instead of starting from scratch.

The same goes for the new Ratchet. Seriously, walk up to anything in that game and tell me that it looks just as good as it did from a distance. Plus, the interior levels aren't impressive at all. I've played all the Ratchet's and this new game doesn't feel nor look like the graphical overhaul everyone says it is.

No hate. I just think people give too much praise and credit

mesh14923d ago

i agree with u a bit seems u havea bit of graphical knwolgde as i played farcry 1 the 1st tru next gen title that was realsed on the pc 2or 3 years ago ,bu till say cod4 single player usses some realy nice hdr and decent textures with nice psot processing effects and insane amount of effects going on that makwes the game a true next gen experience the singleplayer i mean .rachet and clank on the other hand to me is not a graphic shwo case at all.look at gears of war character mdelling is the best to date on any game/enviroments are close behind ive not seena any game do there two things so well as gears of war evwen tho i hate gears of wargameplay .

rubarb234923d ago

who thinks COD 4's graphics aren't all that huh? i mean i've heard so much about them and when i got the game and played it i was like, yeah the graphics are great, but not as good as some people say they are. Gears, Bioshock, KZ2 kills it. I have a sony 42' 1080i lcd and all my games look awesome. for those who say to try it on 1080p, my buddy's tv is 1080p and it looks basically the same. don't get me wrong, i think COD 4 is one of the best games around, but the graphics aren't 'OMG AMAZING'.

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