Why Uncharted 3 Will Be The Best Looking Console Game This Year

GB - "Uncharted 2 was widely recognized as one of the best looking console games ever. It’s because of the insane attention to detail by Naughty Dog that was never seen before in a console game. The interesting color scheme, animations, the amount of polygons pushed and the splendid art design all came together to become a visual fiesta. Uncharted 2 came out in 2009 and there have been plenty of good looking games released after it. Games like Killzone 3, Halo Reach, Gran Turismo 5, God of War 3, Crysis 2, etc. all are incredibly impressive on consoles. Uncharted 2 holds well against these games but it was time for a successor. Yes, Uncharted 3."

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NealCaffrey2706d ago

Well what I have seen it looks amazing but it has some heavy competition in graphics this year, Crysis 2 and Killzone 3 all look amazing.

DarkCharizard_2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Graphics wise - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception or Gears of War 3

Quality wise - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword or Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

NealCaffrey2706d ago

Gears no doubt looks stellar as well.

omi25p2706d ago

From what we have seen of battlefield 3 i think its in the running for best graphics. As well as Gears 3 and Uncharted 3

firemassacre2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Why Uncharted 3 Will Be The Best Looking Console Game This Year

Because nothing has beat uncharted 2 yet in terms of graphics (for consoles)

fr0sty2706d ago

Another cookie cutter "why" article. Toss it on the pile next to the "top x" list articles.

zeddy2706d ago

before anyone mentions rage or bf3, the article says best looking console game, not game on any platform. i bet uc3 looks better than all of them on the console.

JellyJelly2706d ago

@firemassacre - Gears 3 along with Rage will be on par if not better looking.

-Alpha2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )


What do you mean? Rage and BF3 are both on consoles and look as impressive as UC3. They are console games too. Creating loopholes and exclusions like "When I say best looking, I mean not on PC and not games that are on consoles and PC" to try and crown UC3 sounds like cheating to me. Saying that a certain game looks the best under certain conditions that exclude other great looking games defeats the purpose

I think technically Rage is more impressive than Uncharted since it is a sandbox game. Technically speaking, that deserves a lot of credit as well. Same goes for games like Skyrim that manage to pack so much content and gameplay into an open-world game while managing gorgeous looking worlds that you can explore.

Uncharted is highly polished and incredibly detailed in its animations and the set-pieces look wonderful. But there are many games this year that look very impressive in many ways.

BattleAxe2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

RAGE from what little footage I've seen out there looks good, but I think John Carmack and iD get far too much credit. They haven't done virtually anything impressive in the last 8 - 10 years, and thats only if you consider DOOM 3 to be impressive, which I do not. The PC footage thats out there looks good, kind of like a juiced up version of Borderlands(which is a good thing), but has anyone actually seen console footage of this game?

Battlefield 3 blew everyone away with the PC footage at E3, but very little console footage has been shown, but one thing that has been apparent is that the console ports don't stand up to the PC version very well at all.

Gear 3..........ok, the game looks good but is anyone here actually stupid enough to think that Gears 3 will be anywhere near as good as Uncharted 3? An Unreal Engine game?..........please..

The only game thats coming out, but not until next year that looks like it could possibly(maybe) compete with Uncharted 3's visuals is FarCry 3 which looks amazing. Not sure if this is PC footage FC3 or not, but FarCry 2 looked amazing on PS3.

Sunhammer2706d ago

As mentioned, nothing on consoles looks as good as Uncharted 2 yet. Only one game comes close and it's God of War 3.

Skyrim, while open world, looks rather disappointing and you can bet the frame rate won't be locked at 30fps.

Battlefield 3 will only look jaw-dropping on PC. The console version doesn't look as good as Killzone 3, or even Killzone 2.

Arkham City runs on Unreal Engine 3, so it can't be included.

Uncharted 2 has yet to be topped on consoles. Only one game will this year, and it's Uncharted 3.

Rage manages to do 60fps because there are hardly any textures on screen while playing.

Uncharted 3 will take it, no contest.

God of War 4 will take it in 2012.

Why o why2706d ago

rage is definitely a challenger. So for me as it stands its outta Uncharted Gears and Rage...special mentions go to batman ac

kaveti66162706d ago

"Rage manages to do 60fps because there are hardly any textures on screen while playing."


The whole point of Rage was to showcase megatexture technology.

MaxXAttaxX2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Rage is linear. ID Software cannot stress that enough. Not open world like Fallout.

Also 'zeddy' excluded Rage and BF3 because they're games predominately developed on PC, therefore look a lot better on PC and most of the screenshots and footage shown that look impressive are from PC. Console versions, on the other hand, are yet to prove better looking than Uncharted.

@ DarkCharizard_

Is there a reason you excluded Uncharted from the "quality" list you made?

@ JellyJelly,

Awesome bullshots BTW, LOL

jetlian2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

give it a rest! Rage is open compared to UC3. The levels are way bigger than the 30 sec to 3 mins segments of uncharted.

Is rage 10 sq miles open? no Does it have a hub world that you can travel YES. Uncharted you can't go back to any previous location. Its totally linear within a play through

AngryTypingGuy2705d ago

I'm playing UC2 right now. When people say it's like playing a movie, they're not kidding. It's amazing. Now I'm even more excited for UC3!

Ju2705d ago

BF3 looks impressive. I am sure it will be a contender. All game play footage shown from GameCom was on PS3 - even though filmed off screen. The lightning engine is mighty impressive in BF3. Well, and I even throw R3 into the contest. Well, the MP beta can hold up visually with UC3 (MP). Single player will ramp it up a notch - on both.

Krysifix2705d ago

How can you say Skyward Sword and Skyrim are the best Quality. The games havent even been released. They could be giant piles of garbage.

bozebo2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

"if you consider DOOM 3 to be impressive"

lol, DOOM 3 pioneered much of the graphics techniques that are in every single game today.

"Arkham City runs on Unreal Engine 3, so it can't be included."

Then what does gears 3 run on?

Snowii2705d ago

gears of war has good graphics?

not to be a fanboy but it dosent really look good

king dong2705d ago

what is this?? i mean seriously! i come on here to look for some gaming news, and i am confronted with the usual, wrote for fanboys and hits rubbish.

come on, its a given that u3 will look incredible, i have already pre-ordered it, but who apart from the fanboys care if it has the beztz grafixz this century???

ffs, this is the problem without impartial mods controlling the content

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fluffydelusions2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Honestly, I think games this gen have really peaked graphics wise. UC2 and UC3 look nearly the same but the animations are definitely improved in the 3rd game. Same thing with KZ2 and KZ3. Just IMO anyway. Regardless still great looking games. Also let's not dismiss's looking awesome as well.

@NealCaffrey I definitely seem the improvements between gears 2 and 3. 3 looks a lot better.

Also, what about Forza 4...looks great too!

Also note that I think one thing people forget about is Crysis 2 is all real time lighting and such.

superadvanced2706d ago

wrong. crysis 2 has pre baked ambient occlusion which is funny because crysis 1 had real time screen space AO like uncharted 2 and 3. and gears 3 doesnt have real time shadowing over the whole environment it only has character/object shadows + pre baked light maps and it doesnt have real time AO either. And uncharted 3 has some of the best real time volumetric lighting ive ever seen.

WhiteLightning2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I don't think graphics in Uncharted 3 was the main focus for ND like the graphical leap from Uncharted to Uncharted 2.

It was more to do with the smaller things like improving AI, animations, adding new things Drake can do.

Like for example animation....Drake now puts his hands against a wall when you run in to it or how Drake grabs the side of the stairs when he's running down it. Small things but impressive when you think of all the detail being put into it.

I still think the graphics look better though, you could easily see it in the Gamescon trailer.

Mrmagnumman3572706d ago

Super advanced is right, in the digital foundry article DF vs crysis 2 at the end they said they have prebaked lighting and didn't meet their goal for GI- global illumation, essentially the thing that made it great wasn't in it. I can give you the link

Ju2705d ago

Full dynamic lightning is not really required if you don't have full destruction or many (dynamic) light sources and no cascading shadows. Pre-baked is a guess as you can simply create a static shadow map once. No need to pre-bake. You can't see the difference. Most of the games don't have dynamic shadows. The only fully dynamic lightning system so far is in BF3; and even there, the shadows only use 1 (or a couple) of light sources; no fully dynamic volumetric shadows either (but it supports a couple of 1000 light sources, same as KZ3).

death2smoochie2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )


Uncharted 3 like Uncharted 2 also does not have most of its lighting done in real time...nor its soft shadows. Some of it is. Most of it is NOT.

No real time Global illumination.

No Real time subsurface scattering or Dynamic volumetric light beams & light shaft effects in real time.

No Real Time Eye adaptive HDR. As a matter of fact, UC2/3 like K3 uses good amounts of LDR and KZ3 uses it also with NOA32.
Those effects are pre calculated and pre baked.

Crysis 2 DOES indeed have SSAO not pre baked as CRYTEK themselves INVENTED this technology.

Read DF analysis on Crysis 2.

I await the DF analysis of Uncharted 3.

Not all the lighting in Crysis 2 was real time, NOR is the lighting in Uncharted 3 also.

"Even today, games like Uncharted 2: Among Thieves use offline processing to "bake in" GI, while it remains a significant factor in Unreal Engine - a tech that Crytek hopes to challenge as the preferred middleware solution."

"Central to the game's look and feel is the implementation of real-time global illumination."

"One of the core enhancements that CryEngine 3 has over the older tech that powered the original Crysis titles is the implementation of real-time global illumination."

Ju2705d ago

IMO, I am not sure what "realtime" here really means. I mean, you can render everything "realtime" at every frame. But does it make sense for static elements in a scene? It sure is a nice design approach and streamlined from that perspective, but burns cycles for no reason. It takes load off the artists workflow, but for anything than a fully dynamic setup, this is overkill in most cases. The reality is often a mix of both. Pre-calculated (which, BTW, combines realtime with pre-baked because it does basically at runtime what realtime does as a setup of the scene, hence still takes away from the art queue but doesn't require the same processing) what ever is static, and use dynamic effects where they really count.

Ah, BTW, funny effect in R3 (Beta). If you move around and rotate the shadow maps are updated asynchronously. Which basically means the shadows lag behind the rest of the geometry. This implies they render shadow maps with a lower priority than the rest of the scene. Quite creative.

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Solid_Snake-2706d ago

its about time these websites put the word CONSOLE in the title.

dark-hollow2706d ago

Uncharted 3 and gears 3 are simply jaw dropping.
It'll be a tough choice choosing which looks better.
Tho I lil bit prefer uncharted 3 over geow3 graphics

mrmikew20182706d ago

Well I really don't care I will be picking up everything this year (God willing). I think both Uncharted and Gears look gorgeous. This pointless bickering over what looks better than this, is so old.

We have two great games that about to drop and one of them is dropping next month.

TyrionL2705d ago

Hell yea, and I wish everyone could play both of them like I can. I love not having to be limited by owning just 1 console, but no matter which one you have at least you get to play something awesome no matter what. Duel consoles FTW.

sich922706d ago

Because there is no god of war coming this year xD

StevenVlzqz32706d ago

Might want to rephrase that.. God of war: Origins is still coming out, and God of War 3 just came out a few months ago XD

sich922705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

no no :P i mean a new main god of war and developed on the ps3 ...and GoW3 was almost 18 months ago :) and it pwned every competition XD

theonlylolking2706d ago

Anyone who thinks rage come close to best console graphics of the year is lying to themselves.

specialguest2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Uncharted 3 PS3 version vs 360 version. First one to guess which one is the PS3 version correctly gets a bubble haha.

matey2705d ago

Battlefield is the best graphics this gen full stop and it makes ps3 exclusives look rubbish only WiiU/PS4 games will beat that because of 1080p native in the same game with better textures and frame rate would be what wiiU or PS4 is capable of

Ju2705d ago

BF3/PS3 looks impressive. I think it has the most impressive lightning tech there. We haven't seen any 360 footage (is there any?) and the PC version isn't discussed here. It is hard to say BF3 is a multi platform game, since Dice basically developed 3 version which would qualify as "exclusive" for each platform. Heavy SPU optimized deferred renderer for PS3 (which can match KZ2/3), heavily optimized tile based deferred renderer for the 360 and pushing shaders to the max deferred renderer for the PC. None of that can actually run on each others platform. Each is HW optimized for each target. No other engine has achieved this yet.

blackz0012705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

i played the newest version of uncharted 3 at gamescom. new mp map. it looks really amazing. in my opinion its not a big step forwards in graphical details compared with uncharted 1 to uncharted 2.

Uncharted 3 and killzone 3 will be looking both awsome. maybe its also the ur choice wich is for the best because maybe you really like the atmospheric details in killzone or the really good textures in uncharted. battlefield 3 on ps3 looks not as good as uncharted 3. okay, it was a really early version of bf3 on ps3 at gc.

InNomeDiDio2705d ago

I like when console-fanboys talking about graphics and how amazing their system is. When you guys care so much about you should buy a decent Gaming PC. And btw Battlefield 3 and Rage are also amazing on consoles. I doubt such linear Games like Uncharted or Gears can mess with this kind of technology called FrostbiteEngine 2 or ID-Tech 5. The funny thing is that Batman A.City on PC will make all console games look like lastGen. And I don't even need to mention BF3, Rage or Skyrim. Hell even MW3 will look better maxed out. You care about graphics and technology like me -> get yourself a PC. You just wanna have fun -> stick to you console.

kikizoo2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Stop being delusional with crysis, alan wake, gears or whatever, they look good, but can't compete with best ps3 exclusives, it's a fact, and it's not magic, just more powerfull hardware.

delusional like starchild and other xfanboyz always thinking in 2011 that ps3 = xbox for graphics, when not a single game can compete with gow3, heavyrain, uncharted, killzone....denial much ?
"Quite acting like the PS3 is some kind of supercomputer"
too bad, ps3 linked are supercomputers around the world.

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KingDustero2706d ago

I myself never thought Gears 3 ever had a chance of being a better looking game. It does look amazing, but ND just always does so much more. IMO ND is one of the most talented devs in the industry ATM. What they do with the PS3's tech is just amazing. I can't wait to see what they'll do on the PS4.

Both games will look amazing and are both must buys, but from a visual standpoint Uncharted 3 easily wins. Gameplaywise they're both totally different. I myself prefer Uncharted's gameplay over Gears and the MP is just a lot more fun and competitive in Uncharted 3's IMO.

ECM0NEY2705d ago

I agreed with u until u said Gears MP isnt as competitive.

What games are you playing? Gears 3 is miles better then Uncharted when it comes to MP.

KingDustero2705d ago

IMO it isn't. It is just too slow and clunky for one. Uncharted 3 is just more fluid and fun. Players aren't bullet sponges in Uncharted 3 like they are in Gears.

IMO Gears MP is good, but nothing that can be played seriously due to all the BS that happens in it due to glitches and lag.

The MP in Gears has always had potential, but has always failed. Hopefully the MP in Gears 3 works fine at launch, but I myself am done with the series's MP. At this point it is playing catch-up to Uncharted's. Instead of being able to add a ton of new features (character customization, weapon customization, a streak system, and perk like system) it has to finally get the core gameplay working.

I know many will enjoy the MP in Gears 3, but I won't be for sure. Uncharted 3's is just more appealing and competitive IMO and it'll be the best third person MP this year.

Shanks2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Of course Uncharted 3 looks better, you're comparing a 360 game to a game that takes full advantage of the PS3, what did you expect?

gameseveryday2706d ago

Comparing a game that takes full advantage of the PS3 hardware to a game that takes full advantage of the 360 hardware.

Now your question will make more sense!

Shanks2706d ago

You're not making any sense at all.
The PS3 is more powerful than the 360.
I though it was well established by now.

starchild2705d ago

No it's not, Shanks. Developers have said over and over again that the two consoles are very close in overall performance.

John Carmack has even said the 360 has more real-world performance than the PS3. This is because the 360 has unified memory architecture, a more advanced GPU, 10MB of EDRAM, and the operating system takes up less of the available memory. The PS3 has a more powerful CPU, but only for certain types of tasks.

In any case, none of what you said is true. Moreover, I don't think anybody can say for sure which game will turn out to look better. I do know that going purely off the betas for Gears 3 and Uncharted 3 I think that Gears 3 had more impressive graphics.

Quite acting like the PS3 is some kind of supercomputer. Besides, if you really cared that much about graphics you would be gaming on the PC.

Karooo2706d ago

Gears 3 also takes full advantage of 360's power :P

ECM0NEY2705d ago

"Besides, if you really cared that much about graphics you would be gaming on the PC."

Ouch! Shanks got owned lol

Stealth2k2706d ago

graphics dont equal gameplay, art style, ect

denero12706d ago

at this point naughty dog has proven they can pretty much pull it all off graphics included -_-

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Which Uncharted 3 have all the package, gameplay, art style, story, best animation, top best graphics on consoles, and the latest Technology for 3D included.

sich922706d ago

so true... UC2 had normal gameplay, stupid story..the art style was good for etc not so much xD

fooxy2706d ago

...and why I don't give a shit ? Because I never played any uncharted title nor do I own PS3, to be honest them "will be the best this year" articles are getting boring especially when most of em are just personal opinion made by the writer

Ares902706d ago

then why bother comment?

Drekken2705d ago

You should get out of this comment section... Why would you even post anything if you don't own a PS3? You have no idea how this game looks and you never will. You probably don't even own a HDTV.