TimeSplitters 4: What we want to see

The long awaited TimeSplitters 4 is officially in development and we're already anticipating another classic FPS in the making.

Clearly, in the absence of throwing virtual bricks at virtual windows, English youths have been forced to practise such operations for real. Thank God then that Timesplitters coming back because, frankly, we've never needed it more.

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zerocrossing4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

OMG yes! Must resist fanboy outburst!.

Just give us what made the old Timesplitters great, outrageous characters, interesting story, time travelling to unique and entertaining places, tons of original and fun weapons. Throw in some online play and watch the mayhem unfold!

qwertyz4713d ago

you know its rumored to be in development exclusively for the nextbox to be shown at e3 2012 right ? MS and crytek have become very close, MS might actually buy them in due time

zerocrossing4713d ago

Really? Damn, I didn't know that.

Well I'd much prefer if it was multiplat considering Timesplitters started out on PS2, I think the Sony controller works better for FPS games and if the game supported move it would sell like hot cakes imo.

Orpheus4714d ago

Just not another game compromised for the consoles like crysis 2 ... and no post launch dx11 patch this time pls

AJKanismajoris4714d ago

Timesplitters has never Officially been on PC, it'll most likely be a console exclusive,


SilentNegotiator4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

This series has never even BEEN on the PC.
Go cry about consoles somewhere else.

Jack_DangerousIy4713d ago

It clearly says "Silent" Negotiator... So... Why are you not being silent??


SilentNegotiator4713d ago

Wasn't aware that text made a noise...

radphil4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )


You know it HELPS to do RESEARCH on things you don't know of.

Timesplitters has been on multi-console for years. Granted I would like to play it on PC also, c'mon man...think before you post.

Only one that was exclusive was the first one on PS2

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piroh4714d ago

All i want to see: TimeSplitters 4

maxmill4714d ago


LoaMcLoa4714d ago

No freakin' XP or DLC either!

stevenhiggster4713d ago

Basically all I want is TimeSplitters 2 made with cryengine graphics. I'd be happy with that!
In fact I'd rather they just did that, I'm too scared they'll screw it right up!

Kamikaze84714d ago

Since when is TimeSplitters "officially in development", and I dont mean the rumor, because thats a rumor. I want a link to Crytek announcing it.