Battlefield 3 - More Jet Gameplay

A Battlefield 3 Community site just posted some more Jet gameplay footage. Here is some offscreen footage from gamescom 2011 of someone flying around in the jets on the map Caspian Sea

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Wizziokid2706d ago

it looks soo fucking awesome

KingDustero2706d ago

The only issue I have is the crash. It was just so boring looking. The jet stopped in place and then blew up.

I'm hoping in the full game it'll keep it's momentum and have pieces go flying across the battlefield.

I just hope jets work well on the console versions with the smaller player cap.

Mark242706d ago

Keep in mind that this is still all ALPHA footage. Just like the destruction will be better in the final version of the game, I expect that the crash will look better too.

lil Titan2706d ago

i hope the have a tutorial on how to fly the helicopters and jets.

ATi_Elite2705d ago

Hey for you non flying N0obs heres a little advice!!!!!

Please practice on an empty server!!

nothing worse than jumping in an aircraft and having to bail out 3 seconds later cause it's upside down and outta control. lol

chadachada1232705d ago

Well Battlefield 1943 has a tutorial for practicing plane flying, hopefully Battlefield 3 will too.

ATi_Elite2705d ago

looks better than HAWX!

hiredhelp2705d ago

Lucky son of a b..... I wish i was him right then wow tat looked smooth to handke too.
Nice very nice.

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dark-hollow2706d ago

Is it ok to have a boner over a video game??

leogets2706d ago

if its over battlefield then everything is ok brother ;P

BigWillys2706d ago

It's ok to have a boner for a hot female. You can't f*** a video game.

deadpoole2706d ago

in his defense ... its got a hole.

Liquid_Ocelot2705d ago

His defense? You just called him a needled*ck xDDD


I was thinking this guys not a bad flyer, then his nose cone met with the side of a hill.....

The jets look fantastic but I dont want to have to use a Internet Explorer based server browser to ge into a game :/

Or have bloody Origin running in the background just to play it.

Plus EA better not disable the ability to add the game to your Steam Library because that would just suck.

Spinal2705d ago

Mate the internet explorer server browser is only for the alpha testers. The final game will have the same type of server browser as bad company 2.


Nah its already announced that battlelog is the server browser and battlelog is a website

Spinal2705d ago

Battlelog will be within the Game Client is what i mean. Instead of on an external site. No game makes you flick (Alt-Tab) between the Client and your Web browser to play the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.