New PS3 Valkyrie of the Battlefield Screenshots

PS3Center reports:

Famitsu have released new screenshots of Sega's upcoming PS3 exclusive strategy-RPG, Valkyrie of the Battlefield, on their website.

The shots emphasize the wonderfully unique brushstroke art-style that Sega have developed for this game, which is due for a Spring 2008 release in Japan.

Keowrath6040d ago

The art direction for this game is absolutely stunning. I downloaded the trailer of the Japanese PSN a month or so ago and it looks incredible. The way the trailer starts where it kinda sketches a tank with it's occupants into being and then animates it in 3d... Very impressive design.

Does anyone know if Sega have any plans to bring this to the UK/US

ruibing6040d ago

It's currently not announced yet, but I believe for a title like this it will be. White Knight Story and Disgaea 3 will all be released internationally at a later date.

CrazzyMan6040d ago

something, what i call a NEXTGEN.


Analysis: The People Power of Valkyria Chronicles

Traveling games journalist Quintin Smith looks at over-the-shoulder strategy in Sega's sleeper PlayStation 3 title Valkyria Chronicles, exploring the title's little-publicized depth and charm.

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N4G king5338d ago

just got it
i got to say


Julie5338d ago

I love it , but i wish we could have the DLC that is out in Japan :(

Trophy support would be nice too :3

mastiffchild5338d ago

Just picked it up again(for £12 pounds at Tesco-after getting my mate one as well)myself after a light fingered, over happy to keep things he borrows friend disappeared with my copy to Australia!

I just had an insatiable urge t play the game again!

Everyone I know who's played it said they loved it BUT everyone who didn't said the useless demo put them off! Unsurprisingly, the demo fails to interest anyone because it shows nothing but some simple gameplay mechanics and none of the interesting personailty based stuff in the game. Sure it's an odd vision of 1930's Europe they invented and there's certainly a few olitically incorrect missteps but it's just so charming that you forgive them everything and so unque that when you want to play something like it there's no choice but to go right back to VC!

Brilliant, briliant game and I'm gutted we have to go to PSP for the sequel-had Sega pushed it a little I'm certain both this and the next game wopuld have done a lot better than VC has so far-I'm also hoping for trophies as they'll get more people playing it and it does deserve more attention from the masses. I suppose they're ensured better eastern sales on PSP but it won't be the same as those glorious hours of gaming with the lovely watercolour vibe on the big screens at home. Oh, well.

Seriously undervalued game that a lot more PS3 owners should have played-a very unigue experience--esp this generation.

taliesin5338d ago

such a fantastic game and a classic sleeper hit, word of mouth is key for this game, spread the word and dont buy it second hand, its so easy to pick up for a few quid lets give the developer the respect they deserve


Sega Nerds Review Valkyria Chronicles

From Source:
"Sega has finally brought Valkyria Chronicles to the west, six months after the Japanese release and following much positive feedback from the gaming community. Now that the game is here, was it worth the wait?"

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Arsenal4Ever5673d ago

Of course Sega Nerds woujld give it a 5/5. However this game is excellent.

Heavenly GForce5673d ago

Lol. Well you say that - but take a look at their Sonic Chronicles review.

They don't give high scores to all the games. They are pretty fair.

Jamegohanssj55673d ago

I think this is the best game Sony has done in quite some time. Bravo to them, but let's prepare for Sonic: The Next Flop With The Werewolf.


Arsenal4Ever5673d ago

sony didnt lay one finger on this game. It's made by sega.

Jamegohanssj55673d ago

You know I meant Sega smart ass.


Solbadguy5673d ago

Valkyria Chronicles over Naruto Ninja Storm and COD5. Hope it was the right purchase. Gotta finish up a few games before i get into this one.

Dragunov5673d ago

No doubt you did the right purchase

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Sega Nerds' in-depth preview of Valkyria Chronicles

Sega Nerds has done a pretty interesting in-depth hands-on preview of Valkyria Chronicles for the PS3, with a lot of information most sites missed out.

From the source:
"We were fortunate enough to get our hands on the Japanese version of the soon-to-be-released Valkyria Chronicles a while back, but since it didn't have English subtitles, you can imagine the difficulty we had trying to understand anything going on.

Fortunately for us, and for you, Sega of Europe recently invited us to come to their offices for an extended gaming session of the English version.

Rather than focus too much on the gameplay aspects, which we have covered previously, and you can find out on any of the Japanese reviews, we are going to delve into some of the finer aspects of the game."

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robotnik5719d ago

I guess that we will get a demo later since the Qore users are getting it next week.

Johnny Rotten5719d ago

I hope this game does well, we need more developers putting out unique titles like this. Kinda sucks there's no rumble though.

sinncross5719d ago

kinda sucks theres no rumble, trophies or multi player imho

but it looks good. ill support this!

coolfool5719d ago

From my perspective I'd only miss the rumble. I'd be playing this for the the actual game itself; the story, the immersive-ness and the game play. Trophies or multi player wouldn't add to this.

Raoh5719d ago

i hear the game is excellent. its been out in japan for a while and the reviews have been good. customer reviews especially. noticed it first on play-asia.com