New PS3 Valkyrie of the Battlefield Screenshots

PS3Center reports:

Famitsu have released new screenshots of Sega's upcoming PS3 exclusive strategy-RPG, Valkyrie of the Battlefield, on their website.

The shots emphasize the wonderfully unique brushstroke art-style that Sega have developed for this game, which is due for a Spring 2008 release in Japan.

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Keowrath4361d ago

The art direction for this game is absolutely stunning. I downloaded the trailer of the Japanese PSN a month or so ago and it looks incredible. The way the trailer starts where it kinda sketches a tank with it's occupants into being and then animates it in 3d... Very impressive design.

Does anyone know if Sega have any plans to bring this to the UK/US

ruibing4361d ago

It's currently not announced yet, but I believe for a title like this it will be. White Knight Story and Disgaea 3 will all be released internationally at a later date.

CrazzyMan4361d ago

something, what i call a NEXTGEN.