GameTrailers compares Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of NFS Pro Street

GameTrailers compares the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Need For Speed Pro Street. Head to head.

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C_SoL6098d ago (Edited 6098d ago )

but then again it's EA....all i know is that Burnout is gonna be a treat to enjoy...haha

jackfatal6098d ago

they they know how to handle ps3 because they dont spend enough money!!
any way i dont like their games!! only burnout 2,3 thats all!!
but then again they said they have more experience with the 360 so maybe thats y yet its no excuse to make crappy game more crap on ps3!!

smirx6098d ago

I'm not sure exactly what they did to the PS3 version in this video but somethings wrong. I viewed that video on the same exact HDTV that I play the PS3 Demo on. The demo on my TV looks better than the XBOX screen on this video. There are no blurs/ bland textures. Whats up?

stevenhiggster6097d ago

If thats running the same settings on the same tv then I'm Jesus!
The demo looks much better on my tv, it's a load of crap.

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Danja6098d ago (Edited 6098d ago )

WOW EA once again you prove us right that ur devs are lazy fvckers...the PS3 graphics looks washed out..and what up with the smoke..or is it FOG..coming off the tires....

This game is Crap ne ways...BURNOUT & MIDNIGHT CLUB FTW..!!!!

gtgcoolkid6098d ago

I swear how the hell is EA still in the business? When I saw that smoke, I just shut it off. Lazy ass developers.

gtgcoolkid6098d ago (Edited 6098d ago )

messed up entry. same

macsto6098d ago (Edited 6098d ago )

Im getting sick of PS3 games looking worse then Xbox 360 games.

@ Below

Ive got an Xbox 360

Bathyj6098d ago

Its EA. Xbox can have as many better versions of crap games as they like.

projectile6098d ago

I think its mostly a priority issue. When EA makes 10 times more money on the 360 compared to the ps3 they are bound to use a little more time on it.
But it works both ways, so how smart of a move this is I don't know.

SlappyMcTaint6097d ago

They would learn to program for the PS3 as well -take the time to figure out how to make it scream. As many games as they churn out per year, the initial investment would more than pay off. And according to Sony's roadmap, since the Cell is so scaleable, there's a 99% chance the PS4 will be running some sick version of the Cell, with a crapload more processors and RAM, EA could just scale their code and they'd be golden for another generation.

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Zhuk6098d ago

it isnt EAs fault, its Sony's for making such a poor console

Danja6098d ago (Edited 6098d ago )

dude don't even bother to mention about poor console design when every 30 min another 360 goes RROD on it's owner

every other dev can make quality PS3 games except these money hungry lazy fvckers at EA....but then only you foolish xbots gobble up every crap they make...so I guess they're gonna keep making half a$$ games,..

leon766098d ago

Yes man, like COD4 and Oblivion... and then in Ratchet and Clank an Uncharted... and then Assassin's Creed and Resistance and Motorstorm... and then ninja gaiden sigma...and then MGS4 and killzone2...and then Unreal Tournament 3...and then i heard that bioschock will come to the PS3...yeah, infinity ward and naughty dog and insomniac and bethesda, well they can't make it too, not the fault of ea, no...poor guys...yeah

zantetsuken6098d ago

If it wasn't, they wouldn't be admitting it in their interviews. If Infinity Ward, Team Ninja, Insomniac, Konami, Square Enix, Midway, Sega etc can do it, so can EA. There's no excuses other than their lack of skill and dedication.

Panthers6098d ago

you cant blame sony if other companies can do it fine.

C_SoL6098d ago

to bad i have two bubbles....oh i would've told your ass off right now and ur other little gay friends that you play with at night...

power of Green 6098d ago (Edited 6098d ago )

Stop blaming EA its not just them. Most of those devs you mention do not have their software as multi platform, your point is moot.

Oblivion was developed longer and the devs released a patch with the new tech for the 360(can't remember what it was but it was developed after the 360 got the title but before PS3 got its version), the devs implemented it in the add-on packs that matched PS3 quality. Uncharted isn't a revolution more of an art design choice the devs used, I think is ugly anyways.

Most of those devs you mentioned are pushing PS3 hardare not the 360 hence the seemingly lack of issues, well at least non that you can blame on the 360 and multi platform devs.

http://play.tm/wire/click/1... has nothing to do with devs its the PS3's Architecture.

bloodzombie776098d ago

I'm so sick of hearing your (Zhuk and PowerofGreen) fanboy bullsh*t. NFS hasn't been worth jack sh*t since the 1st Underground game.

And to make it clear, they both looked almost exactly the same, so you fanboys needs to shut the f*ck up about little things like some sh*tty fog texture.

And Power of Green, you're a complete f*ckwad ass-licking douchebag-eating fanboy, you're probably the worst fanboy on this site next to Bloodmask, and you don't even deserve and internet connection.

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FirstknighT6098d ago

HAHA, just more anger and frustration from the sony owners. The 360 still getting the better multiplatform games. Oh well...I guess I'll go get a few online games of COD4 now. ;)

shelbygt336097d ago

And I'm too busy playing CoD4 and Halo3 on my xbox to care...

You should have used an exclusive game in your post, would have been a better "dig" at the original poster.