Rumor: Fable IV On The Way - To Release In 2013

Loud Mouthed Gamers: Lionhead Studios just recently closed out a trilogy with Fable III and since then people have been looking for whats next in the franchise. Official Xbox Magazine might have an answer.

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Abash2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )


Lionhead needs to let this series die and do something new

Now Fable is just being milked with the Kinect game next year and now this

units2709d ago

you seem to be mixing up with something else

Nitrowolf22709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

I think it's being milked not because they released another after another, but because most sequels after the first keep getting worse and worse with broken promises. LionHead keeps saying that they have all these ideas and then end up saying that they'll be for the next fable. I feel like they could really do something with Fable that could make it as good as most people want it to be. The fact that they made it easier and less story and side quest was an issue with 3. Magic was slowly decreasing after each Fable to. The game is not bad, I just think a lot of what was there been taken off.

I feel like they are holding back the game. Sure the graphics improved, but the overall of whats in the game hasn't by much. People want a full Fable game experience that they got with 1.

By milk I mean that the game isn't adding much from it's previous installment.

the_best_player2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

360 needs some new IP's like PS3 has.
360 owners must like chocolate milk.

Gray-Fox-Type02709d ago

Fable 1 & 2 were alright 3 was a dissapointment. Hopefully 4 makes up for it and this time finally peter delivers on his promises haha

milk? what milk just because people like fable and lionhead keeps making them its not milk...

vortis2709d ago

"milk? what milk just because people like fable and lionhead keeps making them its not milk... "

You just described Activision, EA and a handful of other franchises there, pal. It is milk.

Milk is when you basically squeeze paid content out of a game without much or any improvement (i.e., Call of Duty).

The idea behind milking a franchise, per se, is that the company invests as little as possible in researching or developing new software or middleware to support the release of a game (or additional content) at full retail price.

A lot of franchises this gen fall into that category.

Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption, Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport are a few games/franchises that supercede this standard because the developers each time have gone out of their way to improve, enhance and innovate the gameplay.

TheDivine2709d ago

Milked? Theres been 2 fables this gen. Theres been 3 uncharteds, like 5 gow's on ps3 with hd releases, 3 resistances lol. Fable is one of the best franchises out there, its not for everyone but its quality. Theres no other game with the humor, sim elements, and rpgs elements blended together with choices making such a big impact on everything. You may not like it but millions of us love it. Ive played about 50 hrs of each game and can easily get lost in the games and fable 4 is one of my most wanted games period.

_Aarix_2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

So far theres just been 2 fable games this gen....just TWO. Thats not milked. What is your defination of milked?

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fluffydelusions2709d ago

xbox 720 game is my bet just like Halo 4

Nitrowolf22709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Halo 4 already announced for Xbox 360

fluffydelusions2709d ago

It could be they just don't want anyone to know about the 720 just yet. Remember many games were announced for last gen but ended up being current gen games.

Mystogan2702d ago

Halo 4 i think is going to be a xbox 720 title it doesn't make sense to put it on 360 now.

I believe they lied and they are gonna announce the 720 next year

WhiteLightning2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

I hope they add more stuff in this, especially the the first Fable there was a load of magic and the system sucks more with each installment. I mean fair enough take out most of the spells in the sequel but to add "magical gauntlets" in the third game to allow you to use magic............<sigh>

Look at Elder Scrolls Skyrim...over 80 differen't spells. Come on Lionhead

To be fair this isn't just about magic....clothes, potions, accessories, side quests, bigger map. Theres a lot they could add to this game but I don't know what's stopping them. What's holding you back Lionhead or is it just plain laziness

CaptainMarvelQ82709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

i consider Fable as an arcade,'kiddy' RPG,it's too linear and basic in every side.When compared to a game like Skyrim,it heavily fails in comparison.
I once played oblivion,then reverted back to Fable 2 and just couldn't believe how limited you are in terms of quests,cities(loading between every small city),characters(etc..).

WhiteLightning2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

It's funny aswell because the first Fable was really was something I thought they could of easily improved on but it just seems like they tried so hard at not making it complicated....a little too much if you ask me

Stealth2k2709d ago

Each game has been worse were 3 wasnt even an 80 ranked game

IM_A_NINJA2709d ago

This is good news. I love the Fable franchise and even though it seems to get a lot of negative reaction here, I know it has a very good fanbase. I think the issue with Fable 3 was they tried to streamline it and only gave themselves a 2 year window to make the game. If Fable 4 were to come out in 2013 then that means they have had a proper 3+ years to create a solid entry.

I hope they keep some things from Fable 3 but also go back to the first two Fable games.

Also, please stop with the milked talk. There have been 3 Fable games in 8 years. That is hardly "Milked".

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