No Ghost and Second Chance in New Express Playlist - Black Ops Patch Now Live

A new Call of Duty Black Ops patch just went live on the 360. It includes an awesome playlist.

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Mister_V2642d ago

Nice! I guess they're admitting there is a problem with those perks. But this is definitely a good step.

Criminal2642d ago

In a way yes, those perks are frustrating and slow the game down.

StanLee2642d ago

The playlist is actually "EZ Mode" and for some reason, I played like 6 games of domination straight even though it's a mixed playlist. I don't know what these kids were doing but they were clearly still running around using the ghost perk. Hardline with Spy Plane, Counter Spy Plane and any 3rd killstreak absolutely rapes.

miDnIghtEr2642d ago

The best keeps getting better.

NatureOfLogic2642d ago

The only people that hate ghost is the people who suck or the people that spawn trap.

Mister_V2642d ago

The perks, or the playlists?

xtremexx2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

playlists , for the first few days of each COD game, players use Ghost because they arent familiar with the maps

TheBeast2642d ago

Screw perks, playlists are where its at.

Kee2642d ago

Nah, people still use ghost. And they'll never learn the maps if they keep hiding in the freaking corner.

Tactical mask pro for the win, by the way. Flashbang through the door. Oh, now I know what corner you're hiding in. Die, man!

Kee2642d ago

Will the ps3 be getting this soon? Or will we have to wait a month for playlist updates, too?

maxmill2642d ago

how about no auto aim and shitty hit detection?

wwm0nkey2642d ago

No auto-aim on a console would be very stupid.

Hit detection I agree with though.

Criminal2642d ago

You're absolutely right, auto aim kinda makes up for using a controller vs. mouse, so it is a must.

maxmill2642d ago

umm no it isnt needed, controllers are fine

JsonHenry2642d ago

I would prefer to play in game modes where auto assist it turned off. But I would not turn it off. leave the choice up to the gamer.

stormskiier2642d ago

nice to see treyarch actually listens to their community.

Criminal2642d ago

Yeah, in terms of listening to the CoD treyarch is doing fine. Remember MP40!

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