Oddworld at 10

Ten years after the Oddworld series first appeared on the original PlayStation, Lorne Lanning still has big plans for his creation.

"We're in early stages on a feature film...pre-production stages...but it will still be a while," he told

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sfinXters3992d ago

Abe's Exoddus and Oddysee are fantastic.

iilluminate3992d ago

They released Munch's Oddysee and Stranger's Wrath on the Xbox but sales were not great.

Or maybe you mean another 2D game, as the 3D ones played rather differently.

sfinXters3992d ago

I haven't played those two, but as far as I know they aren't that good. Plus, I think that this game simply belongs to 2D.

iilluminate3992d ago

On GameRankings Munch averaged 79%, Stranger 87%. They were still very enjoyable but the gameplay obviously changes a fair bit compared to the originals. If even fans didn't buy them the games never stood a chance ;)

In principle I'd agree with you on 2D vs 3D - the latter should only be used when it adds something to the game - but as Mario has proven it can work well in both, and Oddworld was no exception.

The Oddworld series suffered from being too odd, and although this goes down well with knowledgeable gamers and critics, it often doesn't translate into good sales figures.

sfinXters3992d ago

Dunno about that oddness - they have some very interesting and original gameplay elements, though in general I don't think that there are many "niche" things in Oddworld. The best part in the games is the design and atmosphere and I think that any gamer can understand the value of this.

Just figured, that maybe I should get a used xbox just to play these two games. I was very disappointed when Munch's Oddysee was announced as an exclusive. They should at least re-release them on PC.

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PopEmUp3992d ago

Hope they make it for Ps3 as well as pc and wii also 360 I mean make it multi platform and make it good

MK_Red3992d ago

OMG, CG Abe! Can't wait.
While I worship the original 2, I think Stranger's Wrath looked pretty good (Didn't play it much though, didn't have an Xbox back then).

ParaDise_LosT3992d ago

Im kinda hoping they add it as a downloadable game in 360
like halo:CE

marcellizot3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

Oddworld Stranger's Wrath = Best ever original Xbox game. There I've said it.



After the commercial failure of Stanger's Wrath Lanning bowed out of the gaming industry which is a great shame. If there is one IP I would love to be given a new lease of life on the 360 it would be Oddworld. Lanning is a genious story teller and the character art is some of the most original and interesting in the history of gaming if you ask me. I'd sooner have an Oddworld action platformer to a new Banjoe Kazooie game anyday.

Devr3992d ago

Man, I hope Abe is the main character in this movie. Abe's Oddysee was my first PS1 game. :P

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