Minecraft Creator “Notch” Codes A New Game within 48 hours

MS: "When not challenging other big name studios in legal battles and to games of Quake, Minecraft creator, Notch (aka. Markus Persson), does what he loves best… he codes. If you’ve ever wanted to see how a game gets made or love Minecraft, then you should head on over to his live stream that’s going on right now."

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RockmanII72706d ago

I like the game, but do know there are no checkpoints. If you die it's all over. Link to game below.

CaptainMarvelQ82706d ago

i cant even get out of the cell

CaptainMarvelQ82706d ago

Thanks,heh if feel so dumb :p

malol2706d ago

yah i saw this on his stream
really nice

3GenGames2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Coding isn't equal to programming, I wish the terms would be used right. Coding is HTML and CSS. Not processed or anything. Programming is more like Java, although java is inefficient, but a programmign lanuguage. Some that are even better for programming are C, Assembly, etc. Notch isn't that great of a programmer, but Notch IS a programmer, not a "coder."

And many games have been programmed in a few days. Robotron 2084's main gameplay was done in 3 days. Defender of the Favicon was done in 3 days, and there are many more out there.

Although, time doesn't matter. What does though is making the most optimized program as possible. Sometimes for size, sometimes for speed, and finding the perfect balance is what makes it quality. Not the time to having something playable.

V0LT2706d ago

I agree he isn't that great of a programmer. Their is a difference.

3GenGames2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Yeah, if you go through the code, some bugs are just so blatantly obvious that no programmer that knew what he was doing would have made them. And the fact that he closes the code from even his team members just shows that he can't figure out others code. [I have a hard time with that too as other people today waste RAM and don't care about speed, and I program in equilibrium because I do retro console programming, but sometimes I have a hard time of understanding code too if written badly.]

But still, if you're working on a multi-million dollar game, you need to do better and just figure it out and hone in your programming and get better at it, you don't do that working alone when you have a good opportunity to improve and work with others.

Terrified2706d ago

Yeah, I mean take World of Warcraft for example. It barely has any bugs in it.

Series_IIa2706d ago


You're just talking out of you're ass.

egidem2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

The competition is writing a playable game in 48 hours from scratch. Whether he coded it or programmed it the term doesn't matter.

He chose to use a language that would easily be distributed, regardless of performance (he game is small anyway). It would be harder if he coded it in say C++ and decided to put it to the web.

Bladesfist2706d ago

C# isnt really a low level language compared to c and c++

3GenGames2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

He actually chose a language that he was familiar with since he's been working with Minecraft so long.

And Blades is right. Although C/C++ isn't anywhere near assembly either, C# and Java are way far away.

And a game without bugs doesn't mean good programming. I myself kinda find it hard to have bugs as I test each piece of code separate from the program so that WHATEVER numbers it's reading, it'll never, ever give/do false things, and I've never had a problem with bugs. Although for some people that's not the way they do things, whatever floats your boat.

And the term matters. Because coding a game is actually like using game maker and lua to write it, which is a joke.

Superted20072706d ago

He should be working on the next 1.8 update :)