SWTOR launch copies will be limited

A representative from BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts has confirmed that no new pre-order copies will be made available once the current set has been sold in order to keep the launch experience smooth. EA intends to limit new starters into phases to reduce server side issues when the highly in-demand MMO is released.

“We are limiting launch quantities of Star Wars: The Old Republic to ensure players have a smooth and high quality game experience and service at launch,” said the rep. “All versions of the game — physical and digital — are available for pre-order on a limited basis only. Once they are gone, they are gone.”

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joydestroy2704d ago

10 bucks says this game gets pushed to 2012...
BioWare really needs to push it out this year though since ME3 is on the horizon.

Spinal2704d ago

ME3 has no effect on sales of SWTOR. Two entirely different markets. Its hard for some to believe but Singleplayer RPGs do not compete with MMO-Rpgs.

Players interested in SWTOR are not the same that are die hard ME fans. SWTOR will sell just fine to those who love MMO's and are waiting for somethnig New. ME3 wont appeal to those guys such as myself.

joydestroy2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

oh you are absolutely correct. but that's not why i was saying they needed to push it out with ME3 on the horizon. as a developer, you add more work to your already hectic work load when you release 2 games at roughly the same time. this is because you then have to split your team up to continue to work on one while the others work on the other - in regards to bug fixes, updates, DLC, etc... you just thin yourself out

also, both games appeal to me quite a bit.

Spinal2703d ago

Totally understand that, i'm sure its set for release this year whether Nov or Dec they have been repeating that it is 2011 in all interviews.

Do remember that two seperate dev teams work on these titles. SWTOR dev team is Bioware Austin who are not the same devs as ME at all. Infact SWTOR is Bioware Austin's dev teams' First title. Which is why most are worried the game may be a fail.

joydestroy2702d ago

ahhh a separate part of BioWare. i hadn't read this far into it. very interesting. this makes me worry now too lol but from what i've seen, it looks pretty good =)

i've also heard Nov but we'll see. here's to hoping!

Drewminati2704d ago

i think it will be this year, i don't know what i'll do if it gets delayed

MasterCornholio2704d ago

Meh not a big deal. I am going to wait a month or 2 so they can iron out all the bugs and that will give me plenty of time to read reviews and see if the game is better than world of warcraft which 2 me feels a little old.

theEx1Le2704d ago

No big deal, I have the ridiculously over-priced collectors edition pre-ordered :D

SuperSaiyan42704d ago

There are far too many AAA titles coming out over the next few months and it would be foolish for EA to release it alongside them especially since this is a monthly fee mmo.
I reckon it will be out March next year.

Wizziokid2704d ago

it wont release the same time as ME3 that's for sure, the mmo gamer might care less about other games like BF3 etc with this coming out so they can release it this year, it already has millions of pre-orders doesn't it?

JohnnyMann4202704d ago

I can tell you all with confidence that it will release this year. I can't tell you why I know this, but I can promise that I do. I can tell you that anything can change, but as of now it looks good to launch in Nov.

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