No platform exclusive content for Batman: Arkham City

XMNR: The Playstation 3 version of Batman: Arkham Asylum featured a playable Joker for the game's Challenge Maps while the PC and Xbox 360 versions didn't get anything. Rocksteady Studios is taking a different approach with Batman: Arkham City.

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Supman2710d ago

This is a good thing,
both platforms should
be the same, in my opinion.

Abash2710d ago

Retailer exclusive content is much worse, I still don't know where I want to buy Arkham City from because of it

Substance1012710d ago

PC version has physx and does 3D dont know if there is a 3D console version.

Queasy2710d ago

Console versions support 3D, both stereoscopic and otherwise.

dark-hollow2710d ago

Console version will be playable in 720p for only 249$ for the console.

How much does it cost for a decent rig to run it better than the console version?

And no not just the gpu only!!

-MD-2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

@ dark-hollow

That's really a horrible argument.

I'll be playing this on PC.

dark-hollow2710d ago

How so? And you didn't answer my question....

Nitrowolf22710d ago

@ Dark
technically $310 (Cheap PS3)
and $260 (cheap Xbox)

Gran Touring2710d ago

@dark-hollow I know what you're implying. While a PC capable of playing it better than consoles will cost more, you don't have to buy one for the purpose of solely gaming.

Kamikaze1352710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )


It's a horrible argument for a few reasons:

1) PC games are cheaper

2) A PC is something you upgrade just as often as new consoles come out. You CAN upgrade your PC even further to enjoy higher than console setting on games, but you don't have to. However, looking at the upgrades available now for PC, it doesn't seem like a significant upgrade will have to be made to play next gen games.

If you ask me, people who make fun of PC gamers for having to upgrade their PC every few years might as well laugh at themselves for buying a brand new console every few years. In most cases, the new console won't emulate games from previous consoles perfectly. You also have to rebuy these games in most cases, lol.

evrfighter2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

And no not just the gpu only!!

well how much does it cost to run it on console

And no not just the console only!!

gotta figure the TV cost in there as well if you're gonna play that game.

all of a sudden console gaming is twice as expensive as pc gaming

Persistantthug2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

could use their TV?

Goes both ways.

"1) PC games are cheaper"

When games launch, they seem to be THE SAME price as console games.

Black Ops was $60 when it launched. Dead Space 2 was $60. Dragon Age 2 was $60. Crysis 2 was $60.

And no...I don't want a digital copy...I want a disk cover art and everything.

I bet BF3 on disk is gonna be $60 and so is MW3.

just sayin.

capcock2710d ago

Lol don't u just love when people disagree with you without any reason?

pc version is always the superior version.
Cheaper, better performance, better visuals etc.

Drake_Seraphim2710d ago

@ dark-hollow
Since when did the PC become solely for gaming? Show me a console 10% of what a PC can do and I'll say you have a valid comparison. I will be getting this on PS3 though.

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MsclMexican2710d ago

Yeah but there are pre order bonuses everywhere

Holy shit, I want the batman beyond costume but I dont live in Australia

Dark_king2710d ago

An in my opinion if a system can do more then another let it.This platform equality crap is bull,when all other gens they pushed each system as much as possible.
Now content I can actually kind of forgive for being equal though.No reason to actually make extra to just fill a disc.

pr0digyZA2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Wow where do you get your games from. PC games in my country are half the price when brand new compared to consoles, and my 8800 GTX will max this game with physx and it came out many years ago at least more than 4 years.

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Excalibur2710d ago

Good, even though I have both consoles I still hate it when they do that $#!t.

Nitrowolf22710d ago

That's good
but pre-order bonuses are all over the place.

IM_A_NINJA2710d ago

This is probably for the best. I mean didn't the Xbox 360 version actually sell better last time? So it probably made financial sense to not put extra money into when you weren't getting any rewards in the end.

Mustang300C20122710d ago

Actually their goal wasn't to sell the PS3 version more than the 360. It was to try and entice increase sales to match the demand that happens for 360 version multiplatforms. No company goes in hoping one version will sell better than the other. That is why they provide exclusive content for one or the other. The opposite of that would be Activison that takes advantage as a company to capitalize on the mulitplatorm sales of the 360 version because consumers choose to play more on the 360 than they do the PS3. Neither strategy is bad. Batman was a new IP for the current consoles. COD has been a franchise hit and consumers accept it since proof shows in the sales.

ddkshah2710d ago

ps3 version outsold xbox version.

though i am not a big fan of vgchartz

TheBatman_Fanatic2710d ago

I don't know why you got two disagrees lol

ddkshah2710d ago Show
SlipperyMooseCakes2710d ago

Thank goodness.

I'm fine with games being exclusive to certain platforms, but if is multiplatform don't put out content on one system and not the other. The only excuse would really be if something is only possible on a certain system.