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It was hard not to be completely impressed when the first images and videos of Crysis appeared about 18 months ago. Scenes of lush jungles and towering alien war machines looked light-years beyond what seemed possible. Of course, the two questions that revolved around Crysis since its announcement were whether it would deliver on those visuals and whether it would deliver a game worthy of those fancy graphics. It turns out that the answer to both those questions is a resounding yes, as Germany's Crytek has proven that its 2004 hit Far Cry was no fluke. In fact, it was just the beginning from this studio. With its sophomore effort, Crytek has managed to deliver an incredibly advanced and exciting first-person shooter that practically rewrites the rules for the entire genre.

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BloodySinner4926d ago

If only PC gaming were cheap and affordable...

C_SoL4926d ago

well at least it's coming to the PS3....not. :(

i really wonder what it would look like?? i don't think it would look that bad, just look at KZ 2.

freakyzeeky4926d ago

I can't afford PC gaming myself... I feel you dude. :'(

Charlie26884926d ago

SWEET, DX9 on max here I come :D gonna comment on the performance on DX10 >.>

NVIDIA better optimized drivers...please T.T

sak5004926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

What are you pc specs? On my rig:

C2D E6600 2.4 o/c 3.5ghz
2 x 1gb 800 Mhz DDR2 dual channel
XFX 7950GX2 Single SLI 1GB RAM VGA 598/1400 o/cd

the game suk a$$.

Edit: So 8800GTS makes the difference. Did u try out the MP beta or SP Demo? Cuz i heard MP beta was horrible for most people.

Charlie26884926d ago

Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3.00GHz
2x2GB Patriot Extreme Dual Channel DDR2 800mhz
GeForce 8800GTS 640MB SC (Cloacked to GTX speed)

MK_Red4926d ago

This is another reason I hate GameSpot. Crysis is a superb game but GS gave COD4 and BioShock 9/10s while they both easily and rightfully deserved 9.5/10.

Ghoul4926d ago

This is a sore joke

you CANT give 95% when the bad points are

"The Bad

* The single-player story ends
* Will laugh at every CPU and GPU thrown at it
* No team deathmatch.

sorry bad story and uberdemanding gameengine lowers the score to at least 90% for me

Bolts4926d ago

Bioshock and CoD 4 are not ground breaking games, solid and good yes, but not technologically ground breaking. You play them and have fun but they're not showing you what you haven't seen before and they don't demonstrate the ability of your platform. Crysis on the other hand is a real nextgen game, everything else up to this point are just pretenders. From now on it will be the benchmark of the computing world.

Ghoul4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

When it comes to scoring or rating games its about the GAME not the technology behind it, its not about shaders resolution or fps. Its about the gameplay and how much "fun" you can expect thats the main problem with reviews these days.

How can a game archive such a high rating when merly 5% of the gamers can enjoy it on the settings they took into account when rating the game, its simple you CANT. Couse if you rate crysis graphics on the level the normal/highend gamer can see/play you cant give it the max score couse its not groundbraking anymore. Sorry but that is fubar, cou just cant rate that way when nearly noone can enjoy those "uber" gfx.

if you cut crysis down you get a very well made shooter with a lackluster story but kickass presentation. thats it. So in the End crysis is directly on par with cod4

Bolts4926d ago

Who are you kidding? If graphics and technology isn't important then there wouldn't be a Xbox 360 and PS3 out there today. Just go back to playing with your Wii Table Tennis.

Rooted_Dust4926d ago

Everything should and will always be taken into account in reviews not just gameplay.

Also when they said Bad Point: The Story Ends. They mean they wish the game would never end, not that they thought the story was lame.

Ghoul4926d ago

cut the unfriendly tone @ fanboi

i said you cant tell everyone how awesome the game looks if only 5% can enjoy that detail level or even less.

get it

and i know exactly what nextgen is about and its definatly NOT gfx sorry mate. Its about physics, sound, AI, Gameplay relevent codingsm Animation (Blending etc) and grafik but its ok that you only see the upper layer of the games.

tony4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

MK right on target again. i don't trust gamespot until they fix their review methods. i know crysis is a good game that deserves that score, but why 9.0 to cod4 and bioshock and then they gave 9.2 to perfect dark zero.does that mean that pdz is better that cod4 or bioshock? no. but they change the way to review games. i like the old way better. makes more sense than the new way. bubbles 4 u.

MK_Red4926d ago

Thanks tony :)
Good one on Perfect Dark Zero. That one is still the biggest shame in GameSpot's history. 9.2 for Dark Zero, 8.8 for Zelda Twiligh Princess...

As for battle of graphics/tech, I believe the perfect game (9.5-10) should be great in all aspects: Graphics (Tech & Art), Audio (Music & Sound), Gameplay (Control, AI, Level Design) and Value (Innovation, Story, Replay V, Extras) and while Crysis is a great game, it's not so great in all of those categories. It's not innovative (FarCry Instincts with few additions), story is not really new (Guy saving the world from aliens), AI is not good (Kotaku and many others have criticized its AI), Level design and gameplay is open and fun but get repetitive fast.
It is the same GameSpot that gave 8.5 to the uber excellent Metroid Prime 3 which was a technical achievement in FPS control and Wii graphics. If Metroid gets 8.5 so should Crysis IMO.

ShiftyLookingCow4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

Far Cry Instincts is bad console port, dont even compare this game to that. The levels are a lot more open. "Level design and gameplay is open and fun but get repetitive fast." you should play the game before stating that, a lot of people disagree there. As for the story, it pretty decent(much better than far cry).

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bluebrad19744926d ago

It looked like it has some v-sync issues.

ShiftyLookingCow4926d ago

vsync issues on PCs can be fixed pretty easily. But I think you are referring to the framerate