New Final Fantasy XIII-2 scan

Check out a new scan of Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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Supman2709d ago

I loved XIII,
can't wait for XIII-2!

Allowen2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Me too !
It is among side with Oblivion , Fallout 3 and Demon's Souls as the best RPGs of this gen to me so far .

Many people says that they don t like FF13 because it is linear mos of the time.
Well , guess what ?
Here is a small list of other great RPG games that were "linear" but still fun as hell :
-Mass Effect 2
-Persona Portable 3
-Valkyria Chronicles
-Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core
- Mario &Luigui :Partners in time
-Demon's Souls

And the list goes on and on)

The only two RPGs that are no way "linear" on this gen :
Elder Scrolls e Fallout franchises

Son_Lee2708d ago

Man, it's about time someone has some smarts. All those games are linear but they don't get a bad rep. All because you have "morality choices." Big deal. I'd rather have a story that the developers actually had the creative balls to create. FFXIII is my fave RPG this gen. Just telling it how it is.

iamtehpwn2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

In my opinion? Linearity wasn't really FFXIII's biggest problem. There was absolutely NO variety. You will walk forward and fight battles, and the game never changes or offers anything new.

radphil2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )


They complained about linearity in the design, including the variety. You ALWAYS were forced to go forward in tunnels, and even then there was no way to travel backwards until you got to near the end of the game, and that was the small area of exploration.

Godmars2902708d ago

Any of those games are less "linear" than FFXIII in that for one the actual orders of encounters doesn't follow an A-B-C order. They also offer more general verity. More expanded characters - freakin' character interactions!

2708d ago
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WooHooAlex2708d ago

Not interested in this. I'll wait for versus.
Call me crazy but I want FFXV to be more like XII.

XII was probably my favorite FF because of the battle system, side quests, grinding, EQ and weapons to collect, a huge open world to explore. Just thinking about it makes me want to bust the PS2 out of the closet and start up a new game.