Off-screen Borderlands 2 footage

Some footage of Borderlands 2 has been leaked from the Gamescom presentation.

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Tanir2709d ago

doesn't look very good. least its not in the desert anymore. i hate the desert

KingDustero2709d ago

What are you talking about? There isn't any desert shown in the video. This is all pre-alpha footage too. The game looks pretty good for how early it is.

Anyways this'll be a day one buy for me.

-Ikon-2709d ago

huh? the level 4 monsters look more vicious, The snow level looks way better, graphics are a nice step up and frame rate looks to be a lot better to.

GalacticMuffin2709d ago

Maybe, you should save all judgement for a proper gameplay video. If you're judging the quality of the video itself, I completely agree. It doesn't look very good since the cameraman didn't show us more, and had to hide his camera in his pocket.

Tanir2709d ago

wow people dont really read huh. the first game was basically all desert, i hated the scenery. this looks better scenery wise, but gameplay wise i didn't see anything new. still a ways to go, maybe i might enjoy this one, and maybe the game won't be 60% skags again

-Ikon-2709d ago

60% skags? ok now we all know your trolling. I dont even think a Skag exist in any of the 4 dlc.

JellyJelly2709d ago

I've seen him trolling Borderlands 2 articles before. Probably a rabid JRPG fan or something.

Tanir2708d ago

wtf who is talkin about dlc????????????????

freakin tards, stop humpin ur game and let me have my opinion, i didnt beat the game, got to bored, played like 20 hours with my friend who kept beggin me to do so, then i just had to stop.

game isn't that good, it really isn't

Ravens202708d ago

Each world has different enemies. Skagcasts are only few hours of the game. Should've kept playing.

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lochdoun2709d ago

It looks just like the first game.
From what I've read and seen of the game so far, it seems far too similar to the first one.

despair2709d ago

and that's a bad thing? Most great sequels take whats good from their original and improve on it, its not about completely reinventing the game but enhancing and expanding on what was done in the first one. That to me is something to look forward to.

scotchmouth2708d ago

This is going to be awesome. I'm going to miss playing as Roland but I am glad the original characters are NPC's that are tied in.

This isn't a bad clip all things considered. Makes the hype that much more!!

It's like Christmas!!

Drjft2708d ago

Isn't this a conflict of interest? Valay being an admin and posting stuff from his own website that gets auto approved? -_-

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