Is It Worth $169? The Nintendo 3DS Review - Critical Hit!

Now that the Nintendo 3DS has dropped in price to $169, if you don’t already own one, you might have wondered recently: is there anything that makes this handheld worth it?

In a word: maybe. But Nintendo’s ad campaign sure isn’t going to help you decide; they’re so busy showing you hired actors in sterile white rooms appearing to have fun, that they forget to tell you why you would be having fun. But maybe I can do a better job of informing you just what it is that makes the 3DS cool.

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fluffydelusions2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Silly question. This sort of thing can vary among individuals. One person may think it's easily worth that if he or she get a lot of use from it and another may not.

Etseix2709d ago

maybe, but imo/ im not paying that much for a handheld that does not even have 4 new decent games (for my taste) and repeat, Zelda does not count, its a remake, i want new games.