Batman: Arkham City - 7 Facts That Everybody Should Know

GB: "Based on our hands on with Batman: Arkham City, we present to you seven facts that you should be aware of."

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Urmomlol2667d ago

YAWN. Another one of GB's horrible "7 facts we took from the back of the box and that everyone knows, but we need hits because our website sucks, so here's a misleading headline an article that could've been written by a fifth grader."

Karooo2667d ago

Uh.. why do you care? Move on.

dark-hollow2667d ago

F&'K gamingbolt!!
Why can't they put their lists on ONE PAGE?
Instead, let's divide it into a thousand page so we get more clicks, a&$holes!!

DFogz2667d ago

"Weapons like explosive gel and batclaw can be used during battles this time"

You could use those in AA... granted you had to plan ahead a little if you wanted to use the gel (there was even a proximity detector upgrade for it), but just tap R2 for the batclaw.

SonyNGP2667d ago

Pfft. They forgot the 8th fact.

"It's gonna be SO AWESOME!!!"

detroitmademe2667d ago

I havent bought a superhero SP game n forever,as n Batman Forever on Sega Genesis,i really dont play SP games that much anymore but I may have to get this one.40 hours of gameplay sounds very worth it, especially knowing how good Arkham Asylum was

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The story is too old to be commented.