Super Mario 64 is Overrated

Super Mario 64 is not the best game ever. It is not a great N64 game. It is not even a great Mario game. What it is, is a compromised game, hampered by technology.

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RedDead2704d ago

Disagree, I didn't like it that much as a kid, but I recently D/l it for Emulator again, it's great. I like repeating levels, because you're not even repeating them. You're going into a world with Stars in them. Get the stars. There are hidden ones, just hard ones to get(hated the one on top of the pyramid) or puzzle ones etc.

thugbob2704d ago

I agree that it is over rated, but I disagree with the statement that it's not a great N64 game nor a great Mario game.

Super Mario 64 is a great game period. It's just not the "best" when talking about N64 games in general or Mario games.

DarkCharizard_2704d ago

I disagree thugbob. Despite being a gaming masterpiece of its time, SM64 introduced us to the world of 3d gaming and it deserves all the credit it gets.

This article is also quite ignorant and stupid:

1. "Let’s start with the fact it’s easy. I mean really easy. There’s very little to no challenge in this game if you don’t count the awkward camera which I’m sorry, simply is nowhere near as interpretive or fluid as it should be."

Have u even played the f*cking game? I mean the final boss battle is hard as hell..!! And we're talking the first video game camera ever made, imo, its perfect for its time. The writer's just a child expecting a fluid camera system from a mid 90's game...

nuff said. I don't need to explain the rest.

thugbob2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Super Mario 64 deserves all the credit it gets besides being called the best N64 game and the best Mario game. There are to many great N64 games to say that SM64 is the best of them all is all I'm trying to say.

firefoxprime2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Honestly, I too disagree. SM64 was awesome. I definetely enjoyed the winged cap parts. I think the really overrated title is Ocarina of Time. People continue to believe OoT was the best game ever, yet I believe SuperMario64 is where it all started. Without SM64 you could kiss your GOW or Uncharted goodbye.

NESpower2704d ago


I understand what you mean by the truly revolutionary fact that Mario 64 was released years before Ocarina...but...Ocarina is highly revolutionary in insane amounts of gameplay innovations, deserves this praise, and far from overrated. Ocarina is still getting bought and praised as we speak. I hate this article because it's complete bullshit. Anyone who hasn't played Mario 64 yet agreeing with this article should seriously get punished by the gaming Mario 64 is a 10/10 and so is Ocarina. Hell..11/

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ATi_Elite2704d ago

Compared to what please?

Upon it's release there was nothing like it as far as platform gaming goes.

Now to be so nit picky....all platform games have you jumping through hoops and collecting coins and sure it's the same story "princess Kidnapped" but the looks, game play, quality, and fun factor on Mario 64 were amazing.

i think the writers Gamer credibility is overrated!

Istanbull2704d ago

Why is there a random guy butthurtly bitching about a 15 year old game

frostyhat1232704d ago

Unknown website Ceo : "How do we get a bunch of hits?!"
Writer: "Take a beloved game and say it's overated!!!"

Spinal2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

I think Super Mario World (SNES) was the best Mario ever made. Followed by Mario 1 (NES) then Mario 64. My personal opinion. They were all amazing games for their time and are certainly not overrated at all.

I still play these games on my train trip to and from work on my xperia play. :)

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NoobSessions2704d ago

One of my favorite games as a child.

Jio2704d ago

I actually agree. I like Banjo Kazooie much better :)
Still playing that game, just as fun as ever

Pozzle2704d ago

But without Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie might have never existed.
It didn't come out until two years after Mario 64.

CrimsonEngage2704d ago

Problem. It's an opinion. Second, authors opinion is wrong.

SCW19822704d ago

How old is the author of this piece? What an idiot.

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