Free-to-Play Coming to HD Consoles and More

It comes as no surprise to anyone that free-to-play games will be a part of the current console generation and play an even stronger part in the next generation.

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Persistantthug2711d ago

Guild Wars is a free per month game...and that game did great. On consoles I expect Guild Wars 2 to do well (There's a console dev team for GW2).

Free Realms is pretty successful and I got that on my PS3 too.

I haven't tried the Japanese ones yet, but I will soon

Stealth2k2711d ago

1 game out of 100 doesnt mean a thing. Most of these fail.

Because people dont buy

radphil2711d ago


Then explain why WoW and other major mmos are starting to adopting this method?

yamzilla2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

In 2006, Wizet revealed they earned over US$ 300 million from Maplestory

-souce; wikipedia

game is still being played like crazy in 2011

what do you think they are at now...2 blillion maybe??

how much did alan wake make>???

lol...ohh...i found it.....

Alan Wake debuted at #2 on the charts in the United Kingdom.[90] NPD Group stated sales for the first two weeks reached 145,000 units.[91] According to a report, Alan Wake is the second most pirated Xbox 360 game of 2010, with more than 1.1 million downloads


guess they already have free to play games on xbox360 ;)