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Software_Lover2711d ago

I just hope this game is good.

I still cant justify paying 15.00 a month to play any game, even my most wanted Mass Effect MMO (not in development but I would love this game). I liked the fact that Global Agenda went FTP and you spend money if you want to. I bought Elite Agent (19.99) just to show my appreciation.

But if this game is good, in order to get something out of it I'll atleast have to pay for a few months. We'll see how it turns out.

ECM0NEY2711d ago

Anyone crying over 15 a month or even 30 a month needs to take a long hard look at their life and ask themselves; Can I really afford gaming as a hobby or should I buy food instead?

Software_Lover2711d ago

And why is that?

I have a gaming computer, a ps3, a 360, a wii. And when I say gaming pc, I mean i5 2500k, HD 6970 gaming computer. Its just a principle of mine.

Game prices are going up. 60.00 a game for a console game? Steam has been my friend.

But imagine having WoW, star wars TOR, Rift, Star Trek. 50-60 bucks each game, then the expansions, then 15.00 a month for each game. Thats just 4 games. So no long hard look needed. For people the people that like MMO's they could potentially spend more money than someone else who plays multiple games throughout a generation.

ECM0NEY2711d ago

I dont know anybody playing more then one MMO at a time.

I spend 15 on a single meal all the time. So for me to hear someone complain about 15 a MONTH, I just have to laugh. I wipe my @ss with $15

I gamefly for most of my console stuff for $30 a month(3 games), and like you i get my PC games from steam. I also have real bills like my house and all the BS bills that come with it.

You can afford all that but u wont pay 15 a month under principle? Thats stupid...
So in 15 20 years when its all cloud gaming and its a monthly fee to play any of the new games then what? Quit gaming?