"You can not play this game without an internet connection"- Big Deal

I’m going to get a fair amount of abuse for saying this, but hell, I really don’t see too much of an issue with developers demanding that games require an internet connection to be played.

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Godmars2902713d ago

The problem - the major problem - is that it gives companies the ability to "turn off" a game when ever they like. You're not such buying a game anymore, but rather renting it at the suffrage of the game makers.

Crap like this needs to stop.

dorron2713d ago


And what happens to countries with internet connection problems? Africa for example?

What happens to people living in the country where internet connection is hard to get?

RedDragan2713d ago

Then the people in those countries need to get up off their ass and start building up their country to our standards if they want what we have. They start by kicking out the corrupt leaders who use the aid money to buy £35,000,000 private jets... which is exactly what one African leader did with aid money in early 2011.

The lack of internet in African countries is the lack of motivation from the people in those countries.

There, I said it.

Jihaad_cpt2713d ago

dear red dragon please fuck off you, clear have no idea what it is like for people in those countries and what you said is highly offensive.

theonlylolking2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

What do people in africa or india do? That is where pirating and hacking comes into play.

They try to get rid of pirating but having a forced online connection to play will make more people pirate.

That is why you dont send money to people who cannot manage their money like the US government.

andyboy132713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

It doesn't effect me, but I do have family where the only Internet other than dialup that is available to them is 3G. I don't know about you, but I don't think that I would want to suck up all of my Internet for the month with a stupid always on connection. That being said it really wouldn't bother me in the slightest.

evrfighter2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

what happens if your a comcast customer?

your internet is going out soon...not saying for how long but that is a guarantee

lizard812882712d ago

I kind of agree. I get mad when I see Africa being poor on the news, but Africa is very divided between wars and religion, which makes it unstable. I still get mad, but i know why they are so poor, if you will. But they are slowly getting there.

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matgrowcott2713d ago

Buying a game shouldn't be dependent on living in an area with an always-on connection, it shouldn't be dependent on the internet company being competent (not all of them are), especially considering that the people who want to pirate will probably find a work-around in a matter of weeks.

So who does it hurt? The people who would have paid for a copy and now don't really have that option.

adryfish2713d ago

I do see your point...but the rule is far too harsh on people who cannot get the internet. Its just dumb luck.

MorbidPorpoise2713d ago

Annnnd publishers see crap like this as support.

despair2713d ago

No non persistent online game should be tied to a server to play. Even if its 10 years later I should be able to boot up my copy of a game and replay it like I'm doing with Deus Ex right now and not be stopped because the company went out of business or decided to shut down the servers, or if I lost my internet connection or they had server problems.

Too many problems with the idea and hackers bypass the security anyway making legit players the ones suffering.