Minecraft looks amazing with this Half-Life Texture Pack

DSOGaming writes: "Call us impressed but this is something we didn’t expect and came out of nowhere. Zombienoob22, Eohek and Flambe made a Minecraft level and used Juraj’s Half-Life Texture Pack. The end result is great and we could easily mistake it with a map for Valve’s original game. Yeah, Half-Life is old but this test also shows that Minecraft has come a long way and with some additional mods can look way better than before."

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ardivt2707d ago

wow this really is amazing. I hope they'll also make a crowbar skinpack for the weapons

subtenko2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

this has been posted already

vgamersHD2707d ago

thats my texture pack, this is a different one :D

subtenko2707d ago

oh, i tried to instal it but the game wouldnt run so I thought this was a repost. good job btw, the pics looked good

OhMyGandhi2707d ago

"amazing" is stretching it a bit.

Ayepecks2707d ago

I wouldn't say it looks amazing. I'd say it looks like Half-Life.

That's still very, very neat, though.

Solidus187-SCMilk2707d ago

haha I remember all the textures, HL 1 is my favorite game ever. I like how the sofas are made of the box texture.

Tikicobra2707d ago

It's probably the best texture pack I've seen for Minecraft, but the game still looks pretty terrible.

AllroundGamer2707d ago

so they went from "this game looks like from the 80s" to "this game is so 90s..." wow...

peowpeow2707d ago

One day DX11 features will appear in Minecraft XD

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