Console Domination: Editors Pick: Best of the Cons #1

It may be another 6-8 months before we see the fruits, but hope is on its way. What started around Comicon has turned into, Quakecon,Gamescon, The Tokyo Games Show and PAX not to mention those other European ones. Gamescon in Germany seems to be getting a lot of interesting news and to be fair; all of it- puts E3 to shame. I mean where was the new Counterstrike or DOTA a few months back?
Moreover, what excites me here, is that the PC is regaining its foothold in the industry. After some time out, both digital distribution and Free to Play titles are swarming with big name brands getting in on the action. This has come around to make consoles look like the money grubbers they are restoring the balance, one game at a time.

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