John Carmack details Negative experiences with Nintendo

GB: "John Carmack had a lot to say as to why they aren’t developing for Nintendo platforms. The main reason he says is due to the fact that the technologies are out of sync. What this means is, considering the types of games id makes, it’s not technically possible to make them run on the Wii. I’m sure plenty of you know this, but it’s nice hearing from John Carmack himself."

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smt302706d ago

Yet he prefers Mario to FPS's.

More developers need to kindly shut the f*ck up, start making innovative/fun games, something that would invent an entirely new genre the same way Carmack INITIALLY did. Why is he using his brain and team for the most dull genre today?

Start small, on a wii, make something epic and think "if we can do something this innovative on old hardware, maybe we can do something extraordinary on new hardware".

BrutallyBlunt2706d ago

Carmack is an engineer.

Also your question of why they are making a game for a dull genre is a stupid question. That genre is VERY popular, that's why. What he says is true, their games probably won't do well on Nintendo platforms.

gamingdroid2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Not to mention Carmack is one of those guys that was there from the beginning of FPS....

I find Carmack's comment to be some of the most truthful and insightful of many developers instead of those that go on rants like David Jaffe and then attacks people with a different opinion.

So this is the sort of things I would like to hear, inside information even if it is a little obvious as in this case.

If you don't like it, do NOT click on it! :D

Slayer OP2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

This is why you dont sacrifice hardware for the sake of a low price. All it does is kill the quality of games and alienate ambitious (although somewhat pretentious) devs like Carmack here. Epic has said and and now Carmack is saying it again. Wii has been a step backwards for gaming and wii u will continue the trend if sucessful. There is nothing "innovative" about the Wii or the games it has made and if you truly think that, you have missed everything notable about this generation of games. All the innovation has been in the HD consoles that have pushed out far more IPs than Nintendo has. Nintendo is stuck in the past with its rahashed titles coming out over and over again. As much as I hate how Carmack runs his mouth, he is absolutely right to run his mouth this time.

gamingdroid2706d ago

On the contrary I haven't found much "innovation" in the HD space at all. Better graphics, new ip and so on. I suppose you could call that innovation by a long stretch with the exception of Heavy Rain (which arguably starts it's own genre).

Now, to get a system and games that my girlfriend and the entire family would play is an entirely new. If that isn't innovation, then I'm not sure what is!?

Wii is only a step backwards in gaming, because it simply doesn't target you and the core/hardcore gaming crowd. It is a step forward for the general public.

Wii U actually brings something new to the table beyond the potentially better graphics, it provides you with an entirely extra screen standard.

I would love to play borderlands without having to constantly pause the game, and pop open the map to figure out where I am and where I need to be.

hmmmm2706d ago

'More developers need to kindly shut the f*ck up, start making innovative/fun games'

The guy is being interviewed at a games convention. If someone asks him a question, he's probably going to answer it.

montyburns0002706d ago

lol, don't you love how all the armchair developers on N4G think these guys just call press conference out of the blue to to talk shit?

here's something to think about smt30.

"More gamers need to kindly shut the f*ck up and start playing innovative/fun games"

showtimefolks2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

and he has many fanboys who follow every word he says but the man talks too much just make the games quicker than 6 years of development time

yeh ID brought us FPS but since than many others have made it better with less time yes he likes to push the tech but end of the day to me and many other matters is games and we have yet to have one from him in a long long time

i respect the man he is a legend but please make games faster after rage doom should be out before next gen consoles


too much talk from many devs i just wish they work on games faster and make better games

BrutallyBlunt2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

That is what they plan on doing.

banner2706d ago

Kinda like David jaffe??

IM_A_NINJA2706d ago

I appreciate what the man has done for the industry, but there is entirely too much of him on this site lately. It's like celebs that wont shut up about their own personal opinions. They are there to entertain, not give us lectures. Same goes for developers, they are here to develop games for us, not lecture us.

Pedobear Rocks2706d ago

Its one or two interviews being parsed into 20 articles...blame the approvers/mods for approving shite articles based on one sentence at a time.

matey2706d ago

just with that Zelda tech demo nintendo have better talent because that demo looked like nintendo are already ahead in making amazing graphics in Full HD that was pure proof nintendo dont need carmack hes a weirdo end of and every Hd game got pawned with that Zelda tech demo plus Valve are on board aswell as Epic and Crytek are making a game that incorporates 2 player locl with 2 tablet controllers carmack the wiiu is opengl at a higher level than dx11 its been confirmed ur graphics are old hat now and nintendo dont need this guy with the talent at retro alone

Slayer OP2706d ago

Dude, ever hear of a comma or period? I think I lost a few brain cells reading that.

nikola9872706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

"John Carmack details Negative experiences with Nintendo".. And yet there isn't a thing about that negative experience in the article...

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